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by on March 23, 2020

Anyone who opens this article must definitely be experiencing the same problem. Which the problem is Don't know how to choose Basic tools What should be installed at home to use. In the near future, it is necessary to repair the equipment in the house. A little can be done without having to call a technician to waste time and money.


Basic tools:

Screwdrivers are basic tools. One type that is very close to us. Because a screwdriver is a device used to tighten and loosen screws or bolts attached to various devices. Whether in cabinets, tables, chairs or even equipment attached to the phone. Had a screw on it Therefore, a screwdriver is considered one of Basic tools That should be kept at home

When used, screwdrivers are available in many sizes. But the principle is simple In choosing a screwdriver Is to choose a screwdriver to match the screw head that we will screw or loosen itself Because of common problems Is to use a screwdriver that is not suitable for the screw head Or simply called having a screwdriver in one place Unscrew all types of screws Causing the screw head to not be broken, waste of time as well However, buying a screwdriver as a set or a screwdriver with interchangeable-head screwdrivers is a good option for having at home.


Electric screwdriver

There are metalworking, woodworking and many other types of work, but the work that we should pay special attention to when choosing a hand tool is electrical work because we cannot see the electric current. And may cause danger to us. Try a screwdriver or a screwdriver to check the fire. Therefore is another Basic tools That should be kept at home.

Long-life screwdrivers are hand tools. Used to test that the material and equipment Is there any current or voltage? General appearance, looks like a normal screwdriver, has a small handle made of plastic or glass Inside there is a neon lamp to show when the light flows completely. The mouth is flat metal. And has a metal button at the end or a pen clip.

When using, touch the screwdriver to touch the material that you want to check the current. Before touching your finger on the metal tip or clip on the other side of the screwdriver Do not wear shoes and do not stand on an insulated area because it will cause the lights not fully integrated. The fluorescent lamp inside does not turn on. Makes it unreadable Another important point in choosing to buy or choose to use a power screwdriver. Should look at the amount of electricity and current type in accordance with the current to be checked every time, source.

The basic tools Drill

Drill is a basic hand tool. Used in drilling, gouging or screwing By using the principle of rotation And press hard on the material Should have a house for anyone who wants to drill. Or assemble cabinets, shelves, tables, or even drill holes in the picture frames to decorate the house. The drill will come with different drill sizes For us to choose to use with work Or the desired hole size And there is a spur that has the place to hold the drill to be attached to the drill Office Mate recommends 2 basic drill types that homeowners should have.

Electric drill

Electric drill (conventional) is a drill that uses electric power to operate as its name is easy to use, the price is not very high. Suitable for wood drilling Not very thick metal or plastic and used to tighten the screws. But the problem that may occur when using an electric drill is to tighten the screws. The screw may be too deep and consume the workpiece. Because it's difficult to determine the force This is because the wattage is not very high. Should not be used for drilling mortar, brick or stone

Cordless drill

Cordless drill is considered Basic tools Another thing that should be installed at home. Is a drill that uses battery power to operate the machine Suitable for offsite use or where there is no electricity. More convenient than an electric drill because there is no more power cord But the disadvantage is that it has to keep charging the battery continuously And because it is powered by batteries.

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