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by on March 25, 2020

Hero Skill Number

The first thing that is really different is Hero Skill Number If it is a game for the pc version, the hero will only have 3 skills, but when adapting to play on the mobile version, it can use up to 4 skills. This is important. The increased skill will make playing with More variety Including playing will be more fun as well Believe that a greater number of skills will make players more interested in this game.

Mobile LOL Games

Deal with minions for gold

If anyone has ever played the game, ROV is believed to know our little creeps creeps. LOL mobile version There are also similar ones, but they are called minions. The minions of this game will be adjusted differently from PC games, such as mobile phones. If any hero kills a minion then Got gold Who speaks the language of the gamer? Who? Las creeps get gold. Not only that, heroes who are close to the minion that die will also receive gold, but only 75%. This has a dramatic effect on the support of players in the support lane. If the timing is good, the forest players have enough to collect the creeps and come out to stand with the lane to collect gold from minions here.

Ward system

The next highlight of the LOL game that is clearly different from other MOBAs is the Ward embroidery system. No other games in this story Explain a little further that the ward embroidery system refers to flagging or certain symbols to define one's own area. The advantages of embroidering a ward The result will make us the owner of that zone. And then we can see the area there, whether enemies or anyone running through or not As if opening a map Who can stick to the ward more can see more enemies, plan to win more.

Item purchase

The point here is that the online MOBA line that is played on a mobile phone may not be very familiar, and if it is a PC version of LOL, we can go to buy items anywhere on the map. Imagine playing the ROV before you understand it. But if it is a mobile version of LOL games We will be able to buy items only when in the source. Explain easily that we have to go home only to buy things. This will cause players to return home more often, not returning to fill the blood. Only add mana That makes planning to play well. Shift time to go home as well. Each return will take more time from waiting to add blood, just 5-10 seconds. May have to spend 1-3 seconds to buy things will play harder. Visit our website for effective information on elo boosting.

Another point that many fans of the game are waiting to see is Will the force of our hero characters change? It has been reported that some skill systems will be different from the pc version, for example, a character with a long range archery skill similar to rov's yorn. straight But there is news that LOL mobile phone version Will be able to control the arrow to turn back and forth until reaching the target Have to wait to see if it's true.

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