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by on April 1, 2020

Dota 2 and League of Legends are two MOBA games that can be considered hegemon together. With millions of players around the world each day Which, of course, that the competition between the two games must be intense, absolutely spicy Especially among the Player together.

But not everyone is choosing to play just one game. Dota2 As a game that was developed from DotaAllStars, so many players started this game as a first game. And then start playing other games later, whether it's LoL, HoN or even mobile games. RoV, ML or Vainglory to find some new new experiences. Visit this website for effective information about league of legends smurf right now.

Many people may think that the basis from Dota that they have. Will enable them to play these games without problems But is it really that style.

Try to Deny Creep

league of legends

One skill that Dota players must have is to deny or kill Creep / Tower or even the same Hero team that is dying. In order to effectively cut off the power and Exp of the competitors Of course, when they play a game other than Dota, there must be someone trying to deny the Creep near death.

So they know later that it can't be done. Dota is the only MOBA game currently with a Deny system and getting some Gold games doesn't require Last Shot creeps. Same, just standing near gets money, like RoV etc.

In LoL, Minions can't be Deny, but must have Last Shot to get money anyway. LoL has a system to help increase money from items or runes, for example.

Where is the donkey?

In Dota, players can use leave or "Courier" to transport items to them in the middle of the battlefield, but LoL players must teleport back to base to buy a single location. This causes embarrassment when many Dota players buy items while they are still in the lane. And looking for their missing donkey

Fortunately, LoL has free warp. Which is a system that has been put in place for Courier and other MOBA games. Most of the items are now available for purchase anywhere, without having to return to base.

Press warp in the middle of the battlefield

LoL does not have a Town Portal Scroll, but instead has a Recall and Teleport system that is a player's own Spell.

Try to Stack Jungle

Stacking is to drag the forest creeps out of the camp. For the game to see that The wild creeps have all died during Respawn and then send a new creep into LoL. We can't do that. Since the birth time of the forest creeps is calculated from the time they die And if trying to drag it out of the frame It will still regenerate Hp back to full tubes again. It is another matter that Dota players have often made to do with ignorance.

But in LoL, apart from being unable to block the minion, it can still pass in front of us in a passive manner. Blocking minions in the LoL are absolutely impossible. Because the game does not want us to do that, but since the first place

league of legends

Take Champion to play in the point position

In LoL, each Champion has a very clear position, either as a support member, a host or a fighter. And each position has its own number. Unlike Dota, Hero can play in many roles, depending on the item used. This causes the event to take the Champion to play in the form of various forms such as Sona to Jungle or Janna to play in the middle, but people do not know is not wrong This is another funny story that often happens to new LoL players as well.

Standing confused in the thickets

Bush is truly an innovation that changed the world of LoL. Because after that, other MOBA games like bushes or similar items will all be Even though it looks funny. In Dota, there is no bush. But there is a system of day, night, low altitude and the destructive environment. Some of them do not understand what the bush is at first. And many times often walked into the bushes with enemies Makes them wonder where enemies come from Don't have any!

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