Vaibhav Sharma
by on April 6, 2020
The lockdown that has been practiced in India for more a week now is the most significant kind of such exercise in the world. But, the question that arises here is almost every individual mind that will be enough to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. It is a severe concern because not only does the lockdown impact an individual's work schedule, but it also keeps them stranded at home, which is not necessarily that pristine, isolated place. The lockdown is creating hardship for the people below the poverty line of our society. It might get hard for us to prevent infections from spreading with increasing numbers of local transmission.

All commerce in the country has been paralyzed after the state-ordered 21 days lockdown and put millions of needy people out of work. In today's international news headlines in english, some government officials said the lockdown would not continue after 21 days. But, looking at the increasing number of cases, nothing can be said about what will happen. This lockdown is not turning out to be suitable for poor people as it is leaving many struggling for basic necessities such as medicines and food.

India's population has made the situation worse and prone to the COVID-19 outbreak, which is sweeping around the world. With over 1500 positive cases in the country to date, the Prime minister of India respected, Narendra Modi ordered a 21-day lockdown to 1.3 Billion residents and appealed them to stay inside at their premises. This is a quick step from the government of India that might help the country from sliding into the disaster that could dwarf what other countries, including the U.S, China, Italy, and Spain, are facing.

A government official named Raghuram Rajan also cited that our country's poor infrastructure is a hindrance to the government's fight against the outbreak. The country's whole resources need to be utilized in order to tackle the current situation. According to today's latest national news, the lockdown is bringing many difficulties for people, and one of the significant challenges is getting money to people without livelihoods. So, they have enough money to buy food and other daily essentials. Another critical issue is getting food to the rural areas and keeping public services running smoothly, simultaneously controlling the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. The magnitude of these issues will become more difficult for India throughout the lockdown.

Since the lockdown has taken place, the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitaraman, has taken a few measures to ease the situation and burden of the citizens making sure that no one is left behind in this war against the deadly virus. She announced a relief of 1.7 Lakh Crore for poor people and also ease up tax deadlines and business regulations. With numerous healthcare organizations facing a shortage of basic protective gear and ventilation systems, the sector has been spread thin in tackling the pandemic. A week ago, Modi also allocated 15000 crores for additional healthcare measures to help fight against the virus.

Everyone in the affected countries is overwhelmed with the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, and a little panic and confusion are understandable. The spread was uncontrollable at the beginning because of this confusion and lack of coordination within the countries. First, you get to fulfill the medical supplies of our own country rather than to help out the World. However, the disease must be eradicated from around the World, and else it will come back eventually. The scariest part will be the second of the third wave of viruses hitting the World; that is why everyone is keeping a close eye on China to track the progress.

The lockdown is not only practiced to keep people safe and avoid the Coronavirus spread. But it is basically for tracking down the infected people and breaking the chain, which will eventually help in killing the virus from the roots. The country is preparing and building secure healthcare facilities to fight the infection if the confirmed cases toll rises after a few weeks. The lockdown might not be enough to stop the spread of COVID-19, but if done as per the expectation will not become as severe as other countries' conditions such as China and Italy. Else it would be difficult to curb the spread, and our country will dwarf what these countries are facing or have faced lately.
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