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by on April 13, 2020
Cars have become a very important part of our life. Buying a car is a matter of people’s pride. But it is also important to understand the car along with driving the car. If you understand the signs of the car, then the car will also support you long and will not cheat on the way. We are telling you about the warning lights of the car, which we ignore by seeing, but there is a big reason behind their flash.

Engine Light

Often when starting the car you may have seen this popup burning on the dashboard. This yellow color and it signifies the special sign engine. If this light is turned off once with water, then there is no problem in the car. But if it keeps on burning continuously even during driving then it means that there is a problem in the engine. Either the car has low oil pressure problems or is overheating. At the same time, this light burns even when the gas cap breaks, the crack breaks. It would be better to contact the company or mechanic immediately if this light is seen burning continuously.

Engine Temperature Warning

The car’s engine needs a certain temperature to run. There is a temperature gauge sign on the dashboard, so that you can get an idea of ​​the temperature of the vehicle. But if this light keeps on burning continuously, it means that the engine is overheating. This is due to low coolant level, leakage in the cooling system, thermostat disturbances or leakage in the radiator.

Oil Pressure Warning Lights

Engine oil is an important part of the engine, which keeps the engine parts smooth. But if this light keeps on burning continuously with the red color sign on the dashboard, then understand that the oil pressure is low and the engine is not getting the oil as per the requirement. Open the car bonnet and check the engine oil level. See if there is any leakage in the oil circulation system or in the oil pump.

Tire Pressure Warning Lights

Today, tire pressure monitoring systems are coming in top variants of hatchbacks, sedans or SUVs to measure tire pressure. As soon as the amount of air pressure in the tire of the car will decrease, these warning lights will burn. But as soon as these lights burn, immediately top-up the air at the nearest air filling center.

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ABS Warning Light

ABS or anti-lock braking system warning light is actually a safety feature offered in vehicles. It maintains control over the car during hard braking. But if ABS warning lights burn, then understand that there is a problem in ABS and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Brake Alert Indicator

Many times people put the handbrake in the parking lot, there is no problem, but before driving, lower the handbrake. If you do not, the brake alert indicator on the dashboard will start burning. At the same time, if the brake fluid leaks then this light burns.

Airbag Warning Light

Airbags are an important safety feature in vehicles nowadays. Airbags protect people in the car from injuries. The burning of this light means that there is a problem with an airbag or a major problem in the entire airbag system.

Seat Belt Reminder

This is the most common light on the dashboard. This light reminds you that you forgot to buckle the seat belt while driving. Seat belts are for your safety.

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Battery Alert Light

A battery is necessary to start the car’s electronic system and the car. If this light burns, it means a problem with the charging system. Or the battery cable is damaged or there is a problem with the alternator.

Low Fuel Indicator

Almost all car owners are familiar with this indicator. On seeing this, immediately turn the car towards the petrol pump. The burning of this light means that the car is in reserve and will be able to cover a limited distance.
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