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Traveling by car? Until recently we did not even think about it, in fact, all our great trips have been by public transport. Living in Madrid without a car is what you have, which makes you lose the habit of driving. But last year we rediscovered the pleasure of those trips by car in Spain and Europe that we used to do when we were little.

The freedom offered by going on your own means of transport is unsurpassed. Some accidents and many kilometers later, we believe that we can give you a few tips for renting a car and that it really works out for you cheaper and, above all, do not have problems and disappointments.

Car Rental

RENTING A CHEAP CAR: WHAT TO CONSIDER? Of course, the initial price of the car rental is important but more factors must be taken into account, because what does that price include? Well there are so many competitors in the market who offer car rental or lease, but one of the best till now is Car Street, they are one of the best providers, they offer Car Rental Dubai To Abu Dhabi & Monthly Car Lease Dubai they even offer Vehicle Leasing Abu Dhabi, CARSTREET offers a simple and Flexi car rental booking process, start your car rental booking with us and enjoy your stay in the UAE.


The rental price varies greatly depending on the car model, actually depending on the category and size since it is not usually set a specific model when renting. If you are not looking for the cheapest model - you need more seats, special features such as the off-road, greater volume of cargo, air conditioning ...


You may not have considered choosing between a manual and an automatic car because you are used to one of them and do not remember that the other exists. Keep this in mind, because in the place where you are going to rent it, it is the other type is usual and you may encounter a problem when leaving the parking lot.

On the other hand, if you are traveling to a destination where driving is done on the left, it is advisable to use an automatic car - shifting gears with your left hand can be difficult the first few times and some will end up opening your door when trying to change with the right.


In almost all cases, the prices that appear on the internet when renting a car include the minimum and franchise insurance. What is the franchise? An amount of money below which there is no obligation by the insurer and the damage has to be paid by the insured and, in the event that the amount exceeds the franchise, the insurer is only responsible for the part that the overcome.

That is, in the event that you have an accident, you will always have to pay a part: the entire amount if it is less than the franchise or the value of the franchise if the amount is greater. Obviously, everything related to paying as long as the accident was the fault of the person who rents the car, if the fault lies with the other driver, you will not pay anything under any circumstances.

We have no doubt, we always extend the insurance coverage to the maximum: all risks without excess - the insurer is responsible for the total damages. It is more expensive but, if you have an accident - it is your fault - cheap is usually very expensive. Of course, it is important to make sure what the comprehensive insurance covers, it would not be the first time that there was something - normally wheels, as it happened to us in Ireland or windshield - that was not covered and that requires an extra payment.

Car Rent Change Wheel

All these extensions are usually made in the office where the vehicle is collected and it is not usually until that moment that they inform you of the exact amount to add to your rental, although you can always ask the company directly when renting from their website or by phone.

THE SECOND DRIVER, THE DRIVER'S AGE, TAKE THE CAR IN ONE PLACE AND RETURN IT IN ANOTHER, CROSS BORDERS ... Other elements to take into account that increases the basic rental price are:

include a second driver, also taking into account the age of this second driver (we highly recommend it on long trips or with fewer expert drivers like us) the return the car in a different office, in fact, it is important to ask whether it is possible to do so, If you are thinking of crossing a border there may also be a supplement for the procedures and, as in the previous case, you must first inquire if it is possible to do so, returning the car after office hours may also include a surcharge, although the most common thing is to leave the car keys in a mailbox for this purpose, If you are traveling with children, child safety elements - chairs, lifts, etc. - may have an extra cost.


If the normal price includes the most basic insurance, you should also look in the fine print for the number of kilometers allowed. Every day there are more companies that offer unlimited mileage but it is essential to confirm it before.

If you are limited, even if it seems like a sufficient amount, think about the distance to the destination you have chosen, add the transfers once there and take into account how many days you will be traveling. Every kilometer that you exceed your limit you will have to pay at a gold price.

Author Bio: Salman Hashmi is a travel and car enthusiast. He likes to write on travel, car, travelling tips and much more. He is currently writing blogs on rent a car Dubai.

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