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by on April 22, 2020
Witcher 3 is a pretty acclaimed name in the action role-playing game lineup and thus remaining on the list of gamers instead of being a more than four years old game. The game allows the players to jump in the life of Witcher named Geralt who keeps on moving on the lands of the Continent to demolish the monsters community.
All the RPG game requires a huge amount of in-game money to upgrade the items alongside weapons and gears. The blog will help the players who want to attain the information on specific tips and tricks to collect or make easy money in Witcher 3. Make sure that you read every bit of these tips and tricks correctly and carefully to avail of the best possible outcome.
Contracts in Witcher 3
Most of the players of this game must be unfamiliar with this fact that taking contacts in Witcher 3 will attain them a massive sum of money. Players need to be pretty ensured about all the bounty board and must keep interacting with all the people that they met in every town. Town residents will grant the player with some of the money if the player resolves their issues.
Conduct Loots
This is one of the easiest and best ways to attain money in any RPG because it is available everywhere from a small house to larger ones. Players need to collect all the essential items from the houses that fall in their journey and then sell out all those items for the best prices at distinctive shops. Besides, players will also get money for killing creatures and selling their meats.
Best Place to Sell Items
Once players have filled the bag of Geralt with lots of loot, then it’s time to sell out all of them. Although they are numerous places to sell out these items, it is highly suggested to sell out items at these selected places.
Players need to know the fact that the shop which is dealing in Sword will give the player more money whereas the shops that are pretty keen to sell Armor will pay more money for the Armor instead of other items from the loot. So, the best advice to sell items at a distinctive shop and don’t make a fool out of you to sell all of your items in one shop.
Search Caches of Smuggler
Catches of Smugglers are one of the best resort to make money in Witchers 3 and those who are not aware of them; they are items that float in the sea in this game. Players need to sail around these Caches ad should investigate caches which will results avails in lots of treasure and money for players. Players must try to locate Skellige, which is also a place for caches, and this place is filled with cash. If players are pretty low of money, then they should head straightly to this place.
We hope that you will find this blog useful and if you want to attain the gaming experience of Witcher 3, then you can play it on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
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