by on April 22, 2020
'Aesthetic' is a lookbook of hair and makeup for brides and invited that presents the stylist Imanol Fuentes, along with a great team of experienced professionals in the field of weddings and fashion, and which seeks to connect with that woman relaxed ( slow bride ) who is a follower of trends but remains faithful to her own style.

And is that, for Imanol, " makeup is an expression tool that should serve to enhance the natural beauty of each woman. And it's time to be yourself.

One of the keys to this inspired styled shoot is that there is no distinction between girlfriend and guest to propose these beauty looks. Your makeup suffers during the wedding day, with all those kisses, hugs, nervous and tears of happiness.

The time of the wedding celebration will pass, but the photographs of those beautiful moments will be visible forever! To keep looking amazing in your photos over the years are in most cases the result of professional advice and service.

There are so many makeup artists in Thane but amongst them, Payal Kalra is one of the best Bridal Makeup Artist In Thane, they offer a plethora of services to their clients while making sure that they get what the pay for.

For this reason, the products and treatment of the bride have to be well prepared with the specific products, in order to look perfect for one of the most impacting days and moments of your life.

A makeup artist or professional hairdresser has the best products and knows how to apply them according to your needs and skin type, guaranteeing that the makeup and hairdressers are in shape all that time. This is the advantage of working with a professional, dedicated to daily working practices in the profession, and you will be save from inconvenient surprises.

Look your best maintaining your very own style, being just you with all your own radiant beauty.

Enjoy the Advantages

  • Customized beauty consulting
  • Guaranteed and perfect makeup for the entire wedding day
  • Lasting and extraordinary hair styling
  • No nervous break downs
  • Feel pampered, cared and free from worries

'Aesthetic': freshness, elegance, and highlighter for brides and guests makeup and hairstyling. The looks beauty of Imanol Fuentes is full of naturalness, freshness, elegance, and a touch of highlighter.

The keys to Aesthetic: Color and freshness in makeup. Minimalism and elegance in the hairstyle.

Beauty, trends and creativity gathered in a single fashion editorial for brides and guests.

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