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by on April 28, 2020
Lots of people use Chromebook because it is quick, efficient, and easy-to-use. Everyone who are using Chromebook can use its feature in convenient ways. However, there are several tricks that many people do not know about. If you do not know these tricks, then you will be getting more value for your computer. Here we will tell you Five tips that you can try on your Chromebook to making your Chromebook more convenient.
Use third-party Domain Name System
Use Chrome overview
Take advantage of the Chromebook Perks
Do a barrel roll
Take a screenshot
Use third-party Domain Name System
We have several reasons to use a third-party Domain Name System (DNS). We also sort address books while using the internet. Some Domain says it is faster service. Some say it has a more secure network compared to others. Some sat that has a great option that helps to block that server not relevant to you.
Using of them mention in the above paragraph into your Chromebook easily. steps are;
Open your settings.
Tap on the name that network you want to change.
In this window appear some domain names.
Choose the network that you want to use.
See at the bottom of your screen; here you can select those servers you want to use.
After choosing a server, you get an automatically Google option.
Here you can enter the network name manually if you know someone or you want to use some special.
Use Chrome overview
Chromebook has an in-built overview mode that can help you to see all of your open windows on your screen. If you had earlier use Macbook, then you know about it is just like Mac and very useful to its user.
On your keyboard’s first row, click on []]] that shown on near the 6 key. You can also slide down from the top of the screen with your three fingers on your screen to check your overview. Here you can correct any thumbnails that you want to change and press on blank space to come back on previous windows. This is helpful to you when you are using lots of windows at the same time.
Take advantage of Chromebook Perks
if you want some extra features with your Chromebook, then you can buy these Chromebook Perks Pages. Here are the lists.
Three month trial of Disney+ at $21.
A free copy of Star Wars – KOTOR at $10.
A free copy of Duet Display at $10.
50% off INK credible Pro at $4.
A free copy of Photo lemur at $10.
Six months of Squid Premium at $6.
100GB of Google One storage for one year at $20.
Do barrel roll
This is only one server that is no purpose of having fun. To use, You can open two or three windows on your Chromebook by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Reload.
Take screenshot
You can take a screenshot easily on Chromebook, as you take a screenshot in another computer. If you want to show someone, you saw something special on your screen. Simply take a screenshot by clicking []]] this key. After clicking this command, you get a notification on your notification bar as click to view screenshot.
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