Alen Parker
by on May 19, 2020
In the current scenario when process automation is a thing, almost every corporate organization has an HR software in place. And with the mechanization of tasks, these human resource management systems make more or less every HR operation as easy as pie! Be it time and attendance management, payroll processing or performance evaluation, a suitable HR software can do it all like it is nothing. All the time and energy that was earlier consumed in following the traditional HR management practices is now reduced exponentially due to the application of these advanced software. There is a gamut of actions that an HR software can control but the priority levels differ. You can do without the automation of some of the functions such as Employee Engagement and Helpdesk Services. However, some are considered a little more crucial as compared to the others like HR recruitment software, etc. So, there is a befitting software for each. In this article, we will walk you through two chief types of HR software, i.e., Expense and Recruitment Management: Expense Management Software This is an extremely vital function handled by the HR department. Since the boom in technology, there has been a notable increase in the production of expense management software in India. There is a wide range of functions that this solution can perform such as: Prior approval for trips Making use of E-payments Mobile management reporting Receipt scanning and attachment Complying with audit rules and IRS Reporting and analytics of expenses Advance booking for tours and travel Incorporating credit/ debit cards for payments Payment reimbursements using direct deposit Reporting and approval of expenses & workflow Apart from the aforementioned features, there are several advanced functionalities that the expense management software carries out such as Real-time expense performance management and reporting, integrating location and GPS services, mileage tracking among others. So, all the processes pertinent to expense administration are effortlessly managed by this one-stop solution. HR Recruitment Software Coming to the second type of HR software, i.e. HR recruitment software, as the name implies, it is used to deal with the processes involved in the employee hiring and recruitment procedure. The initial stages before and during the onboarding of a new employee are controlled by the recruitment software. It is integrated with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to manage the administrative recruiting operations. Mentioned below are the major functions that this solution can execute: Posting job advertisements Organizing online tests Scheduling interviews and exams Shortlisting candidate applications Automating performance assessment Sending bulk emails for communication Sharing offer letters and other documents There are various other important functions that different types of HR software can easily accomplish. The bottom line is that we need to recognize and assess which part is more important to our businesses and then implement the one particularly. Otherwise, a better option is always to invest in an all-inclusive HCM suite that can act as a unified platform to perform all the necessary functions from a singular source.
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