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by on May 19, 2020
“If you are a first-time buyer or are confused among the different options, understand that you need to put in a bit of research.”

Pocket bikes have been around for quite some time now. They have traveled a long way after being through Italian, Chinese, and Japanese factories to be where they are now. The result is that there are innumerable models and variants among super pocket bikes for sale. Everyone who has a favorite bike can probably find a miniaturized version of the same. And guess what, they are cheaper and more fun to ride. With the portability of a super pocket bike, you can take it anywhere with you and perform cool stunts with your friends.

If you are a first-time buyer or are confused by the different options, understand that you need to put in a bit of research before buying one for yourself. The biggest difference among pocket bikes is in the engine. Depending on your preferences, you can get the perfect super pocket bike.

Types of engines

There are two types of engines in a pocket bike-

- Gas engine

Most of the pocket bikes in the market have a gas-powered engine. The engines can be two-stroke or four-stroke and range from 25cc to 100cc. The bikes with less powerful engines are typically preferred for children’s use. These pocket bikes can be ridden by children safely and can serve as a starter bike. It is perfect for introducing them to the world of bike riding. On the other hand, more powerful engines serve enthusiasts and professionals. The higher-end models can be used to achieve good speeds and perform stunts. The gas engine was used in the first models, which were used for pit racing.

So in a way, it can be said that the inception of a pocket bike was with a gas-powered engine. Most pocket bikes use a two-stroke engine, as they are cheaper and lighter. However, one drawback is that it is inefficient and causes more pollution. For a conscious customer, a four-stroke engine pocket bike would be the way to go.

- Electric engine

Although less common, electric-powered pocket bikes are becoming more popular as the years are passing. The engine motors usually range between 100-1000 watts and 24-60 volts. The main factor in determining power is the size of the bike. Bigger bikes are more powerful and yet safe to ride.

One thing which sets an electric engine apart from the gas-powered counterpart is the pollution-free riding experience. Because no gasoline is burnt in the engine, these are environment-friendly engines.

The major source for the production of electric-powered pocket bikes was Japan, and the models ranged from toy bikes to pro models. These engines are fitted in bikes of all sizes, for racing and recreation. The motors in these engines resemble the motors in scooters that are perfect for the small size of the pocket bike.

Super pocket bike

A recent phenomenon, super pocket bikes combine all the fun of a normal pocket bike with speed. Usually fitted with a four-stroke engine, the 150cc super pocket bike has a similar acceleration as that of a normal mini bike but can reach speeds that are almost two times the smaller variants.

Super pocket bikes for sale can be found at shops everywhere as they have entered the mainstream now, to challenge the dominance of the ordinary. If you are someone who is looking for fun and thrill, a 150cc super pocket bike is a perfect choice.

One crucial aspect when looking for a super pocket bike would be its handling. It would be crucial to control the handling of a small machine at fast speeds. Another aspect is efficiency. This is why a 150cc super pocket bike relies on a gas-powered engine to give you maximum speeds possible.

So head to your nearest dealership, or go online and choose your favorite model from the numerous super pocket bikes for sale around you.
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