Amaara Sheikh
by on June 1, 2020
Summer season is knocking your door. Now, the time has come to choose the best air coolers in India. Whenever looking forward to purchasing air coolers, there are so many things strike in their mind. They are not aware of what to consider and what to ignore. If you are also facing the same problem and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, here we will be going to discuss the basic things you need to consider while purchasing it.

Tips to consider before purchasing air cooler includes

Fan speed

Primarily, you need to be aware of the fan speed. If fan speed is not good, you will make it difficult for you to use it in large rooms. Therefore be aware of the fan speed and always purchase the air cooler with the perfect suit to your surroundings.

Remote control

These days, air coolers are available with remote control, likewise the best air conditioners in India. Be aware that whichever the air cooler you are purchasing, it is available with remote control. It will help you operate it from the place you are sitting, but we also let you adjust the fan speed accordingly.

Design and portability

Design and portability is also a matter of concern. If you have less space and the cooler is very big in size, and it will not get fixed in your surroundings, it will also create some unnecessary trouble for you. Hence choose the air cooler, which is appropriate in design and portable as well.

Water level controller

These days, the water level controller also plays a big difference. If you are filling the air cooler tank unnecessarily, it will not get operated easily. Therefore make sure about the water level controller in the air cooler and feel it to the same only.

Thickness of pads

The thickness of the pads is also a matter of concern. Usually, the cooler pads have about 90 mm thickness, and these are known to bring appropriate performance. Therefore thickness is also a matter for you to consider.


Maintenance is also a must for you to know. If the air cooler you are purchasing requires maintenance every year, there might be a chance if it creates some unnecessary issues to you; therefore, if you do not wish to pay the same trouble to be aware of maintenance as well.

Additional features

Additional features include ice tray, Energy Efficiency, compatibility with inverters, climate, and so on. You need to be aware that the air cooler you are purchasing is available with all the features as well. We must also consider the ice tray and energy efficiency because it will help you add some ice, which results in cool surroundings around you. These are the tips you need to consider when purchasing the best air coolers in India. Do not rely on the foolish, which is not fitting to your requirement. Always go through the manual available along with and purchase the best only.
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