by on June 19, 2020
The bridge of the ‘digital divide’ is shortening down between regions and countries which is brewing a tacit revolution in our education system. Internet is a rich library of information and numerous educational platforms are gradually shifting towards mobile applications because of enhanced mobility and content-driven academia.

In this era of web advancements, access to information and communication technology has been directly linked to academic success. Educational institutions are gradually recognizing the value of mobile apps for aviating the skills of their remote students.

Mobile Applications: Education Industry’s Helping Hand

The demand for mobile applications in the education industry is crystal clear by the recent surge in the EdTech market. Educational institutes believe that learning through mobile applications improves engagement, as there is still a huge gap between students and instructors in the classroom.

Given below is a list of reasons for using mobile applications in the education industry as the demand for online education is growing day by day

1. Learning With Ease

Digitization has taken the standards of education to the next level by serving all the individuals with the same content which is accessible to them even on-the-go. Because of the numerous amounts of instructive portals available, anybody can access these portals whenever they get time.

EdTech applications are using interactive videos, amazing animations, and colorful displays for making learning simple and fun for children. Now their concepts are made clearer through intriguing storytelling styles.

2. Enhanced Knowledge

Traditional methods of learning are completely shifting towards innovative methods and now education is fully polarized towards personalized skills. The process of digitizing the educational industry has been made easier with the help of mobile applications.

There are ample examples of personalized content that enhanced the knowledge of students. According to Dashti and Aldashti, 80.3% of female students in Kuwait indicated that they were satisfied with the use of mobile applications for educational purposes and it enhanced their knowledge of the English language. This was solely made possible by the contribution of mobile app development companies in Kuwait focused on redefining the education reforms by venturing in EdTech applications.

3. Improved Interaction and Enhanced Engagement

Interaction and engagement play a vital role in education and these two factors are codependent on each other. If the student is failing to engage with teachers or textbooks then they are likely to take more time in learning because of low interaction levels.

Education applications provide interactive user-interface and attractive design. These applications are frequently checked by their respective developers that students aren’t bored while using their app.

Various games like the word formation, spot the differences and puzzles in-between different exercises relax the kid before moving ahead. The primary goal of these applications is to motivate kids for learning on their own in a fun manner.

4. Versatility in Apps

The versatility of educational applications is noteworthy. Whatever subject one needs to learn, either any language, these applications will discover a few contents which are completely dedicated to that particular subject and are accessible for users.

One needs to simply download the application on their Android or iOS cell phone and begin utilizing the content of educational apps. Undergraduates are picking up utilizing these applications and sparing their valuable time from being squandered in traffic or futile conversations.

If an educational institute planning to build up a versatile application then there are plenty of things to consider. Practically all educational applications are good with both cell phones and tablets. In this way, there's no reason to stay disconnected.

5. Reduced Cost of Learning

Educational application designers have diminished the learning cost as it was before. Presently, more excellent training isn't intended only for rich individuals, it is similarly circulated to each and every individual who has cell phones and gadgets. Rather than paying gigantic sums in organizations and purchasing several scratchpads, all one needs is a savvy gadget with the internet connection.

Instructive applications have helped different undergraduates who were not financially strong to pay the confirmation charge for additional examinations. In any case, presently, with instructive versatile applications, they can consider studying at whatever point they get time from their hectic schedule.

Summing Up

Today, not only the top mobile app development companies in Kuwait(as mentioned above) but every other country is pushing its mobile app development companies to venture into the EdTech market for encompassed progress.

Educational organizations and institutes are pushing their limits to deal with new competitors. This has not only raised the standard of education but also opened the doors for those students who are not economically strong to pay for private services to improve their marks.
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