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by on July 1, 2020
Want to find your Wi-FI password on your PC that has Windows 10? If you have recently forgotten your Wi-Fi password and unable to recall or find it anywhere, then don’t panic. When you use your Wi-Fi on a PC that has Windows 10, it automatically saves it so that your device can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi whenever you switch on your device.
You can actually find the password of your Wi-Fi on your Windows 10 PC, with some simple solutions. In this article, you will learn how to locate your Wi-Fi password on Windows 10 in case you have forgotten it and are unable to recall it.
How to locate Your Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10?
There are a total of two resolutions to find the password of any saved Wi-FI on Windows 10 computer. We will tell you these both methods in this article.
Method 1: Show Your Forgotten Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10
First and foremost, press Windows + D keys on your computer to get to the home screen.
Then, hit the Windows + R keys on your keyboard at the same time to trigger the Run dialogue box.
At that moment, put in Control and then press Enter on your keyboard to open the Control Panel on your system.
At this instant, the Control Panel should appear on display.
Now hit the Ctrl + F keys on your keyboard at the same time to navigate to the search bar.
Put in Network and Internet.
Choose the “View network status and tasks” option.
Head to “Change adapter settings” using the left side menu.
Double click the “Wi-Fi network for which you want to find the password.”
A new window should popup named “Wi-Fi Status.”
In that window, you need to find and click the button named “Wireless Properties.”
Head to the Security tab and then find the option saying “Show character”.
Now make sure to tick the box located next to it to see the WiFi password.
Next, you will see the full password of your Wi-Fi.
Make sure to note it down somewhere securely.
Method 2: Locate the Wi-Fi Password via Command Prompt on Windows 10
First and foremost, hit the Windows + R keys on your keyboard.
Then put in “cmd” into the dialogue box.
Hit the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys at the same time on your keyboard.
The Windows 10 Command Prompt should now open with the admin privileges on your screen.
Once you are inside the Command Prompt window, Put in the “netsh wlan show profiles” command using your keyboard.
Then hit the Enter key to initiate the command.
Now you should see the complete Wi-Fi profile name inside the command prompt for which you want to discover the password.
Then put in “netsh wlan show profile name=”WiFi Profile Name” key=clear.” Replace the WiFi Profile name with the exact name of your WiFi profile.
Hit the Enter key to quickly show the WiFi password that you want to find.
This is how one can easily locate the forgotten Wi-Fi passwords on Windows 10. The second method is a bit complicated for beginners to access and apply. Whatsoever the first one should do the job without any issues.
If the second method is not working for you, then make sure to carefully enter the commands mentioned in this article. You can copy the commands from this webpage instead and then quickly paste them into the Command Prompt window.
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