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Proper hair care is something that a woman should not forget about, either at home or on vacation. So read and remember - the 10 most effective tips for proper hair care.

1. If your styling does not hold well during the day, then the matter is most likely that you did not dry your hair well when you stacked it. It is better to dry them with hot air and to fix them, at the end, blow cold air at a couple of minutes.

2. In summer, it is better to refuse to dry your hair with a hairdryer in the sea, as your hair is exposed to the sun and seawater. Be sure to grab your favorite shampoo and mask, because you will have to wash your hair more often.

3. Do not comb wet strands: this makes the hair easily stretched, their structure is broken, they break. In extreme cases, you can use a comb with rare teeth.

4. After washing, hold the curls under a stream of cold water: the hair scales will close, thereby providing shine to the hair!

More Hair Care Tips

5. In order to avoid split ends, cut your hair at least once every three months. If the ends of the hair are prone to dryness, take the advice of professionals: wash only the roots with shampoo, and apply conditioner to the ends. And then thoroughly rinse the hair along the entire length. As a result, the roots will not lose volume, and the ends will not look dry and dull.

6. If the hair is dirty and there is no way to wash it, powder the roots with talcum powder or powder, tilt your head down, and blow-dry with a hairdryer. But it’s better to put on a fashionable headband that will hide untidy hair roots.

7. When you dry your hair, keep the hairdryer so that the airflow goes from top to bottom. Sushi hair from roots to ends. Finish drying your hair with cold air to fix the styling and give the hair shine.

8. Use masks for your hair type at least once a week. Apply the mask to the washed hair and wrap a towel around your head: this will allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the roots.

9. To instantly give your hair shine, take an ice cube, and gently draw it through your hair. The hair flakes close and the hair takes on a “polished" look.

10. If you wash your hair in the evening, be sure to dry your hair before you go to bed. When wet hair comes in contact with the fabric of the pillowcase, the flakes peel off, causing them to become brittle. Replace your usual silk pillowcase.

Touching hair to natural silk will close the scales of each hair, therefore, the curls will become perfectly smooth. Try to lose your hair when you get home. By tightening the curls with tape or an elastic band, you disrupt blood circulation in the scalp and risk provoking hair loss, moreover, they will often break.

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Dr. Abrar Khan is a health and fitness enthusiast. He likes to write on topics such as hair and skincare. He writes for Enhance clinic which is known for best hair transplant surgery in Delhi and best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.
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