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by on July 8, 2020
The Tesla Model Y Five-seater was released in March last year and deliveries to US customers started in March 2020. However, the seven-seater is set to start deliveries sometime in the last quarter of this year according to Elon Musk’s confirmation via Twitter.
Tesla has confirmed that the Model Y will have the option to add an additional row of seats to accommodate 7 adults despite this model being inspired by the Model 3 platform, which is smaller. However, it still has a compact SUV feel to it which is quite popular nowadays. It is still unclear whether there will be two seats on the third row or have the seats backwards-facing.
Interior, Infotainment & Features:
In the Tesla Model Y the driver gets to enjoy an elevated seating position and a low dash, which gives a commanding view of the road ahead. Moreover, the interior of the Model Y is neat and simple, with a 15-inch touch screen, immersive sound system and an expansive all-glass roof that creates extra headroom and provides a seamless view of the sky.
The Tesla Model Y comes with emergency braking, collision warning, blind-spot monitoring and more. It will also have Full Self-Driving capability (cheers to the lazy!), enabling automatic driving on city streets and highways pending regulatory approval, as well as the ability to come find you anywhere in a parking lot- useful for those with poor memory of where they parked!
The Tesla Model Y all electric vehicle is All-Wheel Drive (AWD) with two independent electric motors controlling torque in the front and rear wheels to ensure better handling, traction and stability control. It is a highly capable car that can handle itself in rain, mud, snow and even off-roading. As is typical with electric cars, acceleration is fast and can sprint from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds with a maximum range of up to 505km.
What To Ride can’t wait to meet the Tesla Model Y even though we are unsure when it will grace us Down Under. However, a car that can drive itself is a car we’d love to see!
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