What To Ride
by on July 12, 2020
Covid-19 has done a number on the world today and most times you’ll find there aren’t enough hours in a day to do your shopping let alone look at to buying a new vehicle.
Well rest assured Kia Motors Australia (KMA) has developed a tool to help you select a car that’s right for you. It’s easy yet effective in helping you build and buy your car online and Kia has stated that this is a service many people have gladly adapted to already.
By visiting and clicking ‘Build & Order Online’, the customer has the opportunity to tailor a brand new car specifically for them and what their family needs at their own pace. They then enter their details and what dealership they would like to seal the deal (with a $100 credit card deposit)! They can also add details of a trade in and inform the dealership whether their existing car is still under finance. Previously Volkswagen introduced this service in Australia.
After the customer has built their new car the dealer of their choice will contact them to finalise the purchase and discuss details of delivery.
Easy as!
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