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A house is not just square meters. Comfort depends not so much on the total area on the correct layout of the living space. What to look for when buying a home? What are the most important points?

A comfortable home is one that achieves the right balance of spaciousness and privacy. It is good when the premises of the daytime stay - living room, hall, dining room - smoothly "flow" into each other: this will create a feeling of freedom and spaciousness and save you from having to constantly open doors when moving around the house.

At the same time, it is very important that each family member has the opportunity to be alone if desired. This, as a minimum, dictates the need for a sufficient number of bedrooms in the house. It is not necessary that they be large: just the opposite, in a small room it is easier to create a feeling of comfort that is so necessary for relaxation. It is desirable that the house has a few narrow, long, dark corridors as possible.

Correct layout of the house

Do not forget about the places for storing home belongings - pantries, closets, dressing rooms. Otherwise, moving around the house, you will constantly come across clothes that are inappropriate for the season, children's sleds, jars for pickles ... but you never know what else you want to hide from your own and others' eyes for the time being. Since many communications of a private house, as a rule, are autonomous, it is necessary to provide for a technical room. Please note that storage rooms and technical rooms do not require full heating, which allows you to significantly save energy.

Be sure to pay attention to the stairs that connect the floors. Of course, I want it not to “eat up” too much useful space, but one should not forget that in the event of a fire, this will be the main escape route from the second floor. From this point of view, it is highly desirable that the stairs are not too narrow and steep. In addition, the risk of serious injury in case of accidental fall directly depends on the steepness of the stairs and the presence of a reliable fence.

A comfortable and well-designed staircase

How comfortable it will be for you to live in a new house, largely depends on the degree of its illumination. There should be plenty of natural light in living spaces. It is clear that sunlight enters the dwelling through the windows, which means that there should be a lot of them. However, you should not be too zealous either, because an overabundance of windows is one of the reasons for the decrease in the energy efficiency of the building.

When determining the most optimal number of windows, they proceed from the experimentally found value: the ratio of the area of ​​the windows to the area of ​​the floor should be about 1: 8.

Since we are talking about windows, it is worth saying a few words about the so-called houses with a second light. These are buildings in which part of the inter-floor overlap is absent, and a large panoramic window is located in the entire wall of the premises located in this place (as a rule, this is a living room or hall) with a double-height of the ceilings. Undoubtedly, it looks impressive, but in practice, it turns out to be not very rational: such a house has a larger heated volume and a smaller usable area. And, of course, a prerequisite for such a house is a beautiful view from the window, otherwise, there is no need to create such an overview.

House with a second light

And in conclusion, we will mention the garage available in any modern country house. Very often a part of the first floor is allocated for the garage. This is undoubtedly convenient: you can go down to your "iron horse" directly from home, without having time to freeze in the winter cold or get your shoes dirty in the autumn weather.

However, this approach to planning has its own pitfalls. The garage built into the house requires good ventilation, otherwise, the smell of gasoline and exhaust gases will be felt in the premises (it is not for nothing that the regulations prohibit placing bedrooms above the garage). If the garage is attached to the house, and even more so it is at some distance from it, there are no problems with deteriorating air quality.

About the Author: Salman Hashmi is a home improvement enthusiast. He likes to write on Real estate and tips on buying a house. He writes for Rera Project that sells 1 BHK Flats in Kalyan and 1 BHK Flats on Rent in Kalyan West.
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