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by on July 21, 2020
Some people do not have the right software and browser to get the complete version of Skype. If that sounds like you, don’t worry, you can have a virtual meeting with Skype Meet Now. You can create a meeting link and share it with your team. The meeting members don’t need to have a Skype account. You can easily use Meet Now on your computer through the Skype app or web. If you are using a mobile or tablet, you require the Skype app. Once you start Meet Now, you can create a meeting link, with which the members can join the meeting. Skype Meet Now has all the features you need to conduct your meeting. You can even share data, create surveys, and chat.
In case you have the Skype app in your system, start the meeting with any browser you have. Otherwise, you must have Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to start your session. Here is how you can use the web version:
1. Go to the Skype Meet Now. Sign in if you want to, or else you can work without signing in.
2. Press the Create A Free Meeting button that appears at the center of the screen, and your link will be created.
3. Tap on Share Invite, and share the link through copying it or emailing via Gmail or Outlook. If you sign in, you can choose to share the link directly to your contacts.
4. Press the Start Call button with a camera icon.
5. Now, you can choose between joining the session as a guest or through the Microsoft account.
6. Now provide your name and connect to your meeting. Your members can join the meeting by clicking on the shared link, as guests or with a Microsoft account. They will have to fill their names and enter into the session. You can begin by chatting.
Skype Meet Now Video Meeting
1. Press the button named Start Call.
2. Switch your camera as well as the microphone on, and then start the call. After you start the meeting, other members can join through the shared link.
3. Things you can do:
• Tap on the screen to view the icons.
• Press the Chat option to chat.
• Use the Share Screen icon to let your team members see your entire screen.
• Organize a poll or plan a meeting over the chat area.
• Use the Reaction icon to share emoji.
4. From the More icon, you can:
• Switch on subtitles of the conversations.
• Put on hold any call.
• Set your audio or video.
• Click a screenshot or blur the background (available only for Skype software users).
Recording A Meeting
1. Press on Start Recording.
2. Then tap the stop button when you want to.
3. Once the meeting is over, you can run it over Skype or save it in your device and share it or delete it.
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