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by on July 21, 2020
You might have come across several eCommerce advertisements daily if you are a regular social media user. Video marketing gained its popularity years ago, but it is delightful to see that it is also changing now. The formulas that were used in the 90s and early 2000 are now getting redefined. Easy access to the internet and smartphone can change this field of marketing. Audiences and consumers are also becoming smart with their choices. They are looking for something authentic to believe and rely on. And hence the strategies of companies are also changing.
Initially, the only mode of advertisement was through television. Now the medium has also changed. People can feel what connects and what does not. The attention period of the audience has changed and shortened. The more confined and short an ad is, the more chance of it is to reach further. Since this field has become a little complex to understand, and because of the vast number of platforms, it is also challenging to choose which one is more liable. So for those small businesses, and startups, this article will share some tactics to increase your audience with eCommerce video marketing.
The most important thing is the statistics. One should understand the numbers properly while doing the business as numbers speak it all. Before investing in this area of eCommerce video marketing, one must thoroughly study which platforms are useful, what is trending among people, how the theme needs to be chosen, and, most importantly, how you want to portrait your company among your consumers. A great strategy can ease the rest of the process and also saves time and money.
Studies say:
Over 80% of the companies are using eCommerce video marketing as it is the most convenient way to communicate with consumers. Videos can effectively convey thoughts and goals.
Videos themselves have proven to be a useful mode of communication with the customers. Company data says they can reach about 90% of their target audience through video advertisements.
The vertical video frame is the most wanted and desired frame among users. They say it is easy to watch a video in a vertical structure; otherwise, they need to change the screen orientation.
YouTube has two billion users worldwide. And every day, one billion video hours are played on YouTube.
The more authentic the content is, the more chances are that the audience is going to love it. What our world is losing right now is authenticity. When something got popular, or some marketing formula got hit, everyone started using it like some herd of sheep. Very few organizations try to experiment and create something more real. Today’s audience is brilliant, they know what they want. So if you are going to give them some copied stuff, they will reject it.
Moreover, consumers want to watch more original videos defining them; those high brand value shoots aren’t going to help you reach your customer. Try to show them the flaws, the hard work, the failures, and the success.
So media companies should write relatable scripts that are inspired by society, memes, and pop culture. And should keep changing the technique as the world is also changing day by day. Consumers want to see themselves and relate themselves to those situations; only then can you impress them.
Dove has done a beautiful campaign for ‘Choose Beautifully.’ If you have some time to spare, check the video online. It represents the women of all around the world and their insecurity of being not beautiful. It was heart-touching watching something like that, and a fantastic idea to reach to their target audience.
Social Media
After YouTube, Instagram is also growing its popularity in advertising platforms. It is also improving and updating new features to the application to make it more user-friendly. Companies can recruit the influencers for original reviews, which also help the marketing connect with the influencers’ followers.
The features on Instagram, like stories, IGTV, promote poll, question-answer, contest option, featuring Live, are helpful. Among all online buyers, about 48% put Instagram stories with the products and reviews, which eventually help the brand gain raw opinion, authentic publicity, and word-to-word recommendations. The Marketing teams can put behind the scene footage in stories to connect better.
The National Geographic channel used it well. They put a picture of Yellowstone and asked its audience which year it became the 1st National Park, and gave two options. It is a great way to connect to the target audience directly and also helps to keep them engaged.
Silent Videos
Silent videos are unexpectedly doing well. Initially, it was introduced on Facebook; later, they are being adopted by YouTube and Instagram. It turns out, and people are liking watching silent videos online.
Videos with short and defined instructions are becoming popular among people, and audiences are also finding it convenient to attend. Make a short, hyper-lapsed, and exciting video ad; consumers are going to love the advertisement.
VR, AR and 360-degree
Virtual reality, 360 Degree, and AR are not very accessible. But they are the future, as the 5G network is slowly started to rule the era. Studies say 86% of people find 360-degree videos more engaging and exciting. It can be made more appealing by adding creative art and originality to it.
One can learn a fantastic example from Google Doodles 360 degree advertisement. It is fascinating and fun to watch a video in a 360-degree view, which means apart from what the video serves, and it allows us to explore another new corner of the video. However, making such videos can cost a bit more and is also time-consuming.
Use the tips mentioned above and engage your potential customers in a unique way with video marketing.
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