jeniffer leio
by on July 22, 2020
Imagine waking up to a good mood on a fresh day, setting out to work, and encountering a delay in public transport due to multitudinous reasons! Who would like to face such an inconvenience during their office hours? Thanks to corporate employee transportation service that not only saves time and increases the efficiency of the employees but also provide equal and better benefits to the companies. While the employees receive perks in terms of convenience, comfortability, and safety, Companies benefit from the surge in productivity that further helps to create a better workplace. There is greater job retention when distance does not remain a barrier for the employees to worry about. Corporate employee transportation further adds to the company’s goodwill for serving the needs of employees. Modern corporate employee transportation service can render your company with various benefits such as impressive cost savings which lead to better and impressive ROI (return on investment), paperless online transaction, negligible involvement of company’s management in employee transportation-related issues that further helps the management to focus upon core activities while we take charge of everything to ensure a smooth and comfortable commute. We, at Aaveg management services, are committed to providing our clients with quality, reliability, safety, and security when it comes to our services. We assure hassle-free services and guarantee long-lasting transport models with added maintenance, (if needed) which means our clients wouldn’t have to bother about anything. We believe in transparency and hence mention everything in our agreement explicitly, ensuring a positive and healthy relationship with our clients. We proudly voice having a competitive and energetic team that serves the clients with all enthusiasm. We embrace employee commute through an MSP (remotely managing commute on a proactive basis) and assure 100% compliance and efficacy. We also provide an online platform for better performance where users can schedule rides based on their respective car rental services office hours, track their rides, and get details of the drivers in no time. Our team closely monitors app performance to ensure a better user interface. Our application provides full convenience to track rides and even schedule them beforehand. We happily commit to deliver our services abiding by our SLAs. Your hassle-free commute is just a click away with the help of our corporate employee transportation service! We would be happy to provide you with a quote on your next vehicle(s) encapsulating detailed information. We are confident that once you experience the personal service and competitive pricing that we have to offer you, you will soon become our long term partner like so many of our satisfied clients. Feel free to reach us at +91-8929025663, 7290022334 or Source: Corporate Employee Transportation
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