mohamed dekkak
by on July 26, 2020
Such a question came in my mind on TikTok: Alena, promotion in social networks (I am conducting business accounts) does not give me peace of mind, how do I understand whether it is necessary or not? How to make investments in them effective? Should I buy TikTok followers?
And this is not an isolated case. Raise your hand, who has the same question? Do I need to advance in social networks? Everyone is shouting about millions of sales in social networks (social networks), probably, and I need to be there. Or not?
Let's think it over. Usually, following the fashion of some kind of promotion channel, everyone immediately without looking back and, most often, thoughtlessly, begins to urgently “master” it. In fact, they create accounts all over, do something, study, implement it, someone succeeds, and someone doesn't. Those who do not succeed - few customers, few calls, few sales - of course, more. And then such opinions appear - we tried, we didn’t do it. Conclusion - our customers are not there.
This is partly true. Not all businesses have a target audience in social networks. And those who are are not always ready to buy through social networks. After all, initially social networks were created for communication and establishing contact. And at the moment, the culture of shopping in social networks is not to say that it is highly developed.
In addition, each social network has its own focus, its own specifics, its own, so to speak, “contingent”. The backbone of the audience. Somewhere they buy, somewhere, in principle, no. Try to sell something in Professionals, or in my circle, for example. Customer search - yes. Sales are isolated cases. And then - you need to try.
Trying to account - why, after all, does promotion in social networks come with a creak? Everything is simple. The fact is that some (any) promotion channel has worked, it is necessary to DEVELOP it. Those. Tightly and systematically for a long time to deal only with him! Only them, and, ideally, do not spray on other channels.
In the case of social networks, this is:
● The correct design of your business account,
● Strategy and planning
● Recruitment of subscribers
● Promotion within this tiktok,
● Official advertising,
● Advertising and pr for bloggers,
● Content generation
● Communication with subscribers
● Work with reviews and comments,
● Sales funnel through landing pages and sites,
● Search and study of new ways and ideas, training,
● Measurements, tracking analytics,
This should be devoted, if not 24 hours a day, then at least those full 8 working hours of which you have a working day. That is why a separate person is usually hired on social networks - a SMM Manager, a social network administrator, a content manager, and a more advanced level - an evangelist (# very expensive). And even better - for each social network even Tiktok from which you want to get sales, your specially trained person.
And now back to the question - does my business need to be in social networks? How to understand if there are clients specifically for me?
If you do not delve into a specific business, my universal answer here is always: “Ask your customers.” Make a questionnaire and give at the entrance/exit to the store, at the box office, at the registration in each clinic? At the company’s office - let your employees fill it out with each visitor for a week, post it on the site, let it hang for a week too, send it to the mailing list. If few visitors, then longer.
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