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Honestly, it doesn't take many excuses to watch movies; It is entertaining, there is always some to our liking and it does not require much effort to see one. But, have you noticed that the more overwhelmed you are, the more regrets it gives to sit down to watch a movie?

For example, if I think about the things that I have pending, in the end they take away from me even the desire to start seeing one. But surprisingly, according to experts, we should not deny ourselves this pleasure , because watching 123movies could be beneficial to our well-being.

1. Enrich our way of thinking

Humans love stories: the proof is that we have always learned through stories and fables. A good story impacts us because it stimulates our curiosity, imagination and emotions . Films are a great support for storytelling because, due to their audiovisual form, many people may find it more attractive than other forms of communication.

2. They help us see the world from another perspective
Through movies it is easier for us to put ourselves in the place of others than in other circumstances would seem very far away. This helps us to be more compassionate and empathetic.

3. They stimulate our creativity
The different elements with which we come into contact when watching a movie help to release our mental schemas , increasing our ability to innovate.

4. Improve our social relationships
Watching movies with friends or family brings us together because it makes us share emotions for a couple of hours. But even seeing them without company they give us a topic of conversation , promoting dialogue.

5. It helps us reflect
Cinema can stimulate us to think about spiritual and existential issues, elevating our minds.

6. It is a way of appreciating art
Cinema is still an artistic expression , and it is often easier to enjoy than other artistic forms, such as going to an exhibition in a museum.

7. Inspire
Seeing positive and desirable traits in characters can serve as a model. This inspires us to develop qualities that we like, helping us to become better people .

8. Help overcome difficult situations
Watching movies when we are sad helps us disconnect and can serve as a kind of therapy.

Movies can help us feel better because:

They help us to grow : the cinema allows us to resort to the image, the plot, the music, the color and other elements to achieve understanding, inspiration and an emotional discharge that, many times, helps us to make changes and evolve.

They release our emotions : watching movies we laugh, we cry, we get nervous ... This is positive, because one of the symptoms of depression is a feeling of numbness of emotions ("not feeling anything").

Along the same lines as the previous point, people who are not comfortable expressing emotions, can give more free rein when they watch a movie (which is why so many women have only seen tears in their husband with Braveheart. Although of course in the most of the cases it is for a type of allergy that goes to the eyes during especially epic scenes)

Sad movies make us better appreciate what we have, making us feel happier Watching a movie helps us to clear ourselves and change our air in a matter of hours. They entertain us and make us focus on something other than our problems. In addition, they transport us to other worlds, in a similar way as reading does.

Watching movies relaxes . Even when watching movies that seem to cause tension for us by having a suspenseful plot that causes cortisone (the "stress hormone"), when the plot is resolved in the end it causes a large dose of dopamine, relieving mental tensions

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