by on July 29, 2020
What is the art of the Method of Meditation? Is it simply sitting quietly and closing your eyes? It is the mental exercises which bring about a deep state of relaxation and balance. This kind of mental training makes you a free, self-aware person. Mediation helps us to exercise our minds. It does not only help us control our thoughts but also helps us to make the best use of our minds by slowing down and focusing them on things that matter most. So we become aware of what really matters in life. Meditation develops our ability to be focused and increases our critical thinking, self-awareness and problem solving abilities. By learning to meditate, we are learning to control our mind, body and spirit. It is a self-directed way of learning to develop our minds and our physical skills. It helps us manage stress by relaxing our minds. With the invention of the Internet, we now have unlimited access to all kinds of resources on how to meditate and how to teach meditation. We also have the means to perform the meditation of our choice. Whatever way we prefer to meditate, we still need to master the principle of relaxation and remain calm. The first thing we must do is to identify our focus or goal - our way of maintaining the mind. Our own method of meditation is always dependent on the way we want to control our mind. So we will find that there are many methods of meditation. Some are for healing others for developing the mind and body. Still others are based on self-actualization and inspiration. They may differ in terms of their breathing patterns and techniques. What they all have in common is that they are self-directed. One of the most common methods is those of relaxation and deep breathing. The restful state that comes from deep breathing and relaxation can be very soothing. With deep breathing we concentrate on our breath as we relax our muscles. At the same time we may feel our mind becomes more clear. Another method of meditation is the physical exercise. It helps us to push our limits. Some people actually start out this way and as they continue, they find that they are becoming the masters of their minds. Self-hypnosis is another popular method. In this method, we try to control our mind to produce our own reality. When we are aware of our thoughts, we are in control of our reality. We can make all kinds of fantasy come true or imagine we are certain people in our imagination. Some people who want to go into hypnosis and self-hypnosis often use this method. These are usually the ones who are looking for the answer to whatever question they are trying to answer. If they can't get an answer, they take the path of self-hypnosis. Meditation is a process of relaxation and control of our mind. Meditation has many different techniques, but basically it means creating a relaxing state of mind. However, if you use it to relax yourself and control your mind, then you are practicing meditation.
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