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by on August 2, 2020
Technologies like AI and machine learning are disrupting the education sector each year. Learning is no more restricted to traditional classroom models. Online modules are gaining more traction and offering excellent opportunities to working professionals. They bring a chance to learn new disciplines and expand your skills beyond what you learned years ago. In the rapidly growing business segment, online MBA courses have become a great differentiator. A lot of factors contribute to the popularity of online learning. For the first thing, you can pursue a coveted degree without quitting your job. But, can an online MBA compete with the dexterity and detail of regular classes? Let’s dig in and find out! The Difference in the Scope of Learning Whether you’re fresh out of college or already employed, it makes sense to hone your skills with a professional degree. MBA serves this purpose with rich rewards. You can rest assured the focus and scope of the study in both regular and online classes. Though there is a slight difference. Regular programs are typically tilted toward popular areas like finance and business. On the other hand, an online MBA allows you to focus on a particular niche of business so that you can move up the career ladder with definite goals in mind. Also, online learning offers additional material in the form of reports, case studies, analysis, and forums to understand the concepts related to real-life work issues. Differences in Job Opportunities Undoubtedly, full-time residential MBA courses come with on-campus recruitment with potential employers. You can look forward to a continuous stream of job opportunities, especially at the best business schools in the country. With an online MBA in India, you may not get this opportunity, but that shouldn’t dampen your spirits. Although the recruitment pipeline isn’t too promising, there’s no scarcity of work opportunities for online MBA aspirants. And if you are already employed, it’s much better to get an online degree and grab the new promotion. In a survey at Kelley School of Business, online business graduates reported an increase of 29% in their salaries. Now, the trend is infiltrating India with rewarding growth and salaries for online management graduates. Here, the institution matters more than the mode of education. Meaning to say, if you pursue your online degree from a reputed institute like Amity University, you will have better chances of employment with the best companies. Amity online MBA is a two-year course divided into four semesters with different specialization. Also ranked as the top online program in Asia, it offers interactive and live learning sessions by eminent faculty. If you choose a suitable blend of fundamental education with the flexibility to learn at your pace, the outcomes of your online MBA program are equally beneficial to your career. Differences in Fresher’s Salary With growing demands for MBA graduates in the Asia-Pacific region, the salaries are also expected to increase. The average fresher’s salary for students of the top B-schools in India is around INR 19.61 lakhs per year. It may vary according to the credibility and ratings of the university. The same follows for online courses. If you get your degree from the correspondence MBA at Amity, you may expect an average rise of 32% in your current salaries. It offers excellent value for your money spent on tuition fees as you can continue with your job while completing the course. The employer perception differs only according to the reputation of your school and program structures that it follows. No matter if you complete your degree in an online format, you will receive the same accreditation as a regular course. In some cases, your employer may also be willing to reimburse for your online classes as well. Hence, check with the HR department about the reimbursement policy and choose the best online university in India. The only thing that can deter your success is the lack of commitment, discipline, and effort. You can choose a B-school that provides personalized mentorship, immersive learning, and dedicated career services to keep you on track. Source:<.a>
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