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There is a very special bond between a brother and a sister. Sisters always take care of her brother in every step of life and brother is like protection shield against every hurdle for sister. Both have so much love in their heart for each other. But sometimes siblings are not very expressive but sister’s birthday provides the opportunity to tell sister how much one cares and loves her. You can give her a birthday gift and make her birthday very special. Celebrating sister’s birthday makes their bond even more strong.

A birthday gift is never enough if you do not send birthday wishes. Through birthday wishes you can pray for her long and happy life and at the same time express your love for her. These wishes will convey your message that you are always there to help her whenever she needs you in her life. You can buy a birthday greeting card and write your greetings on it. And if you are away from your family then simply e-mail her cute birthday wishes written on e-birthday card. Mostly these are written by famous writers. You can borrow these words to make her understand your feeling towards her.

When they share this happiness together, they come more close to each other and anyone can clearly see love in their hearts. This love then takes the shape of words and travel form one heart to other’s heart. People are writing and sending birthday wishes to each other for ages and it perfectly works every time.

There is a huge collection of birthday wishes for sister here, select some of these birthday wishes and dedicate them to your sister on her birthday. You will be shocked to see her so much happy after reading them. For sure these words have magic in them and will make your sister’s birthday a memorable occasion.

Happiest birthday to the most annoying yet the most adorable sister of the world. Your love and sacrifices are the biggest strength for me. Happy birthday sister!

People will come and go. Friends will come and go. But the sister will always be there to take care of her brother. Happy birthday to my source of inspiration and role model!

Growing up with you was such a bliss sister. We had our fair share of banters, lovely moments, scoldings of parents, and so many things. Happy birthday to my one and only lovely sister!

You are one heck of a bossy but protective and caring sister. You are a woman with crystal clear vision and inspirational goals. Happy birthday sister!

When I look back at our childhood memories, I feel so blessed for growing up with a loving, sensible, and compassionate sister like you. Many many happy returns of the day sister!

Hey sister, thank you for supporting my dreams unflinchingly and having my back during a tumultuous time. It’s your special day so let’s party hard. Happy birthday to my one and only sister.

If all the sisters of the world become like you, this world would become a hell for brothers. Jokes apart, happy birthday sister!

You are all in one sister. A caring friend, an inspiring mentor, a loving mother-like figure, and an annoying sister. You bring cheerful vibes in my life. Happy birthday sister!

May the angels of heaven shower all the things you wished for in life. Happy birthday sister and I am quite lucky to have you in life.

I know you didn’t like to celebrate birthdays. But it’s your 18th birthday and you can’t say no. Buck up and throws us a goddamn good party. Happiest birthday my chubby sister!

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