Loch Effects
by on August 26, 2020

 Whether you wear prescription glasses or just sunglasses, glasses are an important part of everyone’s vanity. Since the trend of colorful and funky sunglasses to add excitement to your outfit took off in 2020, every fashion icon has a collection of vibrant and trendy sunnies, and you should too! However, ordering glasses online can be a hassle since the most important factor is the size and how the shape suits your face, which is pretty hard to tell without trying them on first. So why not try home try on glasses Loch Effects? Loch Effects has created a new and innovative for you to find the perfect pair of glasses for yourself, whether they’re sunglasses or prescription. Read on to find out all about how it works, and how you can try free home prescription glasses with Loch Effects.

#1 Loch Effects:

Loch Effects is a Canada based online shop that not only offers the trendiest and most affordable wooden glasses on the market, but they also let you try these glasses on for a free while in the comfort of your home. Their wood is grown, recovered, and crafted in the Great Lakes. Plus, all their glasses are ethically made! Specializing in polarized glasses, they also offer sunglasses and eyeglasses in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. In short, Loch Effects has something for everyone. Right now, they’re having a 25% sale on their sunglasses and distance RX glasses, so head over to so you can avail that offer right away. The website features a quiz that you can take so that the team at Loch Effects can personalize your pair of glasses to perfection.

#2 How It Works:

Loch Effects has a really simple and innovative way of making the process of buying glasses super fun and easy for you. They offer a wide range of sunglasses and prescription glasses, which you can look through and pick any 3 that catch your eye (no pun intended). The team at Loch Effects will then ship these 3 glasses over to your home, which you can keep for 3 days so you can utilize their home try on option and show them to your friends and family to get their opinions. This whole process is completely free! Yes, Loch Effects even pays for the shipping, both ways, and trying these glasses out costs nothing at all. Once you’ve picked the ones you like, you can send the rest back and pay for the ones you’ve kept. If you picked prescription glasses, however, you can send them back so that Loch Effects can fit the perfect lens for your eyesight and ship them back to you.


Loch Effects is a great way to have a session of eyeglasses try on at home since they do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is head on over to and pick any 3 glasses from their wide range so that you can try them on and send the rest back!
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