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by on September 8, 2020

(September 08, 2020): Unified Ministry welcomes individuals of every #religion to worship faith, and even to #LGBT community. With the primary motive of eliminating discrimination, it has established strong grounds of emancipating thoughts of wisdom and oneness. The mission is an open ministry that practices faith loosely based on the Catholic principles.

The ministry initially intends to hold pre recorded worship sessions through YouTube while maintaining social media channels online. Through the social media pages, the Ministry intends to share blessings of life and faith. Unified Ministries accepts gifts that help them to grow and reach out to new members throughout the world. With the help of these gifts, it also intends to endeavour varied futuristic strategies such as renting or gathering places for holding in person #faith sessions.

‘We welcome individuals of all financial or social status and allow them to practice our faith based upon Christian principles, and even offer a warm welcome to LGBT community. If you wish to send us a gift, you can do so by using PayPal by using our email id’, as said by the spokesperson at Unified Ministry.

About Unified Ministry:

Unified Ministries, an open ministry was established to offer individuals and communities a place to worship, devoid of any discrimination.

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