by on September 17, 2020
Decorating the walls of the rooms of home is a critical task. One wrong selection and the positivity and the charm of the room which one would be looking for will be lost. Selection of paintings for your room is depending on your family background, tastes and preferences. Following are the current trend in wall arts which define your space: - Line Art – Simple black line on a plain contrasting background gives a simple yet powerful visualization of uniqueness on the wall. They always look refreshing and create a stunning impact of any design. Female figure – Female symbolizes beauty, affection and completeness. These paintings convey to the observer the idea of broad mindedness in the male dominant society. It helps to decipher the appreciation which the women deserve. Contemporary portraits – It depicts the emotion and human feelings. A closer look at the picture makes the observer to discover the feelings of the artist which can be synchronized to his own inner self. An example is “Melanie Art Print by Sofia Bonati” Abstract paintings – There are many sub classes in the abstract paintings. The most trending one is the shapes and figures of the geometry formed by splashes of paints as in the “Abstract cubism by Atelier cph”. This brings a visual stillness in the room where it is hung. Collage art – The contemporary infusion of two themes of painting such as the abstract painting with that of pop art can bring a collage of the arts which can be altogether very expressive and attention grabbing. Tropical Girl 2 Art Print by dada22 is a classical example of collage art. Creative photography – It is the art of turning the art of photography and fashion into the admixture of lines and shapes of painting and bring life to it. The visual depiction of a frame of the artist vision is turned into painting just as a photograph. Center Gravity Art Print by Eugenia Loli is an example of this type of painting. Botanicals – Flora has been the taste of every person and creates an attraction towards it. Scenery of natural flowers and plants has a soothing effect on the observer. It promotes the theme of peaceful well-being and co-existence with the nature. Engaged art – Paintings which expresses any idea, philosophy or political message belongs to this category. It symbolizes the expressive characteristics without any hesitation of the owner. It can be eccentric and humorous as well. Personalized texts – Texts which describes the personality of the inmates or the thoughts or expression which they want to tell is very demanding nowadays and has a classical impact on the observer. It can also be a song or lyric or a motivational quote, in fact it can be anything absurd and weird until it symbolizes the thought of the owner. These and many others can adorn the walls of your living room , dining hall or the bedroom which can give a thoughtful instinct to your personal moments. Selection of a painting is dependent of the adjoining interiors and most importantly the wall paint. The framing of any painting is a delicate task which includes the task of selecting the shape of the frame, the type of glass, the size of the painting. With variety of paintings available in the social media, art gallery and art exhibitions, it becomes a mammoth task to select the one which suite our taste. But the effort is justified as far as the end result is a sense of satisfaction and pride.
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