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by on September 17, 2020

A whole day of work can bring exhaust and health problems to our bodies. Why not have a massage rest in the evening or noon breaks? It is a good idea to do exchange massage between two partners, for massage can make the whole body relaxed and reduce some illness risks. However, bad massage could cause serious bodily injury, so it's necessary to know some tips for 건마 (healthy massage). For a healthy massage, hands are the primary tool for every therapist. For them, fingernails should be kept clean, filed, and short so that you don't hurt the client while massaging. To ensure a good and healthy massage, hands should be washed properly with a good hand washing soap so that the disease isn't transferred to another client. Positions for the masseur and patient for a healthy massage therapy

Keep your hands in good conditions

You are not advised to make use of lotions or oils at the start of a massage. They can be helpful only if massage hands are in good condition. Hands are considered as the most important tools for good healthy massage. It's better to keep your hands warm, clean, and tender, which makes massage comfortable and healthy. Unclean hands may pass the virus to the message receivers. Fingernails should also be kept well not to leave skin injury on the one who takes your healthy massage.

Keep proper posture

Body relaxation plays an important role in a massage. Good posture can help keep the receivers' body relaxed. Receivers are advised to lie down without bending parts. You can put something under the feet of the receiver, which helps him keep the balance of the whole body and reduce pressure on the lower parts of his body.

Aware massage reactions

In the massage process, you should be aware of the receiver's body and feeling reactions. Make sure not to press too hard. Over-pressure on body parts may cause unexpected injuries. You can ask the receiver how he feels. Avoid some healthy massage skills that are likely to cause pain. There are many skills that will not cause discomfort. Take a short break in the process and injury would be less likely to happen.

All in all, massage could release us from work tensions and it can be good for our overall health if we get a good command of it.

Massage could release us from work tensions and it can be good for our overall health if we get a good command of it.

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