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by on September 17, 2020
Entertainment offers

Entertainment offers with credit cards are specifically for the movie lovers. You can earn various rewards when purchasing movie tickets with these cards. For example, get one movie ticket for free with the one you buy. Or, receive discounts which can go up to 25% when you purchase a ticket.

Fuel offers

Check for credit card offers on fuel purchases if your expenses on the same are excessive. Credit cards providing such features are generally co-branded.

Financial organisations providing these products partner with one or more fuel companies. You receive attractive reward points when purchasing fuel from the partnered pump station. You can then redeem these points to buy fuel for free.

These cards also give fuel surcharge waiver. You may either get full or a limited percentage of waiver.
Besides the above mentioned, some financial organisations also bring exclusive offers on the following sectors.

1- Healthcare Credit cards have offers on healthcare services at selected medical institutions. Cardholders can enjoy the following benefits:
Complimentary consultancy Discounts on check-up Professional indemnity insurance cover High reward points on medical expenses EMI payment of insurance premiums

2- Fitness center Fitness offers on credit cards can be enjoyed at various gyms. Get discounts on memberships or pay the same in easy EMIs through these credit cards.

3- Skin, hair, and beauty care Several credit cards provide offers on skin, hair, and beauty care from several partner clinics. Offers generally come as EMI payment of membership or discounts on them. Go for a financial organisation which comes with the maximum Posted in: Finance
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