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by on September 24, 2020

Pashupatinath temple is a holy temple in Nepal dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated in Kathmandu valley and is listed in the UNESCO’s list of world’s heritage site. People who want to visit the temple can get there by booking flight tickets from Delhi to Kathmandu. Delhi to Kathmandu air tickets are easily available as many airlines operate the flights to Kathmandu.

The legend associated with its origin – Pashupatinath temple has a special legend associated with it according to which every day a cow used to visit a specific spot and used to offer its milk to the ground. One day the owner of the cow got suspicious, so he dug that spot and found a shiva linga there. People started to gather around that Shivalinga, and the place got popular as Pashupatinath.

Unique architecture – Pashupatinath temple is situated on the bank of river Bagmati, and it is considered as a masterpiece in terms of its architecture. The main building is cubic in shape and has four doors that are covered with silver sheets. The two-storied roof is constructed from pure copper, which is then plated with gold. The Shivalinga and the huge golden coloured statue of Nandi is the main attraction of the temple.

The Shivalinga – The lingam in the temple is four-faced, which are towards all the four directions. The face facing east is called Tatpurusha, facing north is called Vamadeva, facing west is called Sadhyojata and facing south is called Aghora. Ishan is the name given to the upper portion of the lingam.

Sculptures and paintings – Different kind of sculptures and paintings are curated on the varied parts of the temple. Each side of the door contains the images of the Gods, Goddess and Apsaras. All the paintings are in golden colour. The beams that support the temple are sculpted with different sexual poses.

Cremation – Open-air cremation takes place on the bank of Bagmati River. Numerous platforms are present for funeral pyres in the bank of Bagmati river. The part that surprises everyone is that even the complex funeral ceremonies don’t emit the smell of decaying flesh; rather the smell is that of different spices mixed with clabber.

People worship Lord Shiva as Lord of the lords, and the most prestigious temple of Shiva is located in Nepal. If you want to visit such a majestic temple, check Delhi to Kathmandu flight time and hop in to see the magical Shivalinga.


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