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by on September 30, 2020
Should i buy an ultrasonic repeller?
The currently available research on the effectiveness of ultrasound pesticides has found no evidence that they are consistently effective against pests. Although some online reviews claim to be effective, other alternatives should be used to rid yourself of pests.
Does electronic rodent repellent work?
Electronic rodent repellants do not appear to work long-term against pests when studied in controlled environments. Although some people use it as a backup for other methods, it does not seem to prove effective in itself.
How can I keep pests out of my home?
The most effective way to keep pests out of your home is through prevention efforts such as storing food properly, fixing water problems, and sealing holes and gaps. Early intervention with a pest control or pesticide specialist or with a handcrafted pest control solution is recommended as soon as an infestation occurs in or near your home.
Do ultrasonic pesticides bother pets?
Although research on repelling pests indicates that it has no significant effect, your pets in the home, including rodent pets such as mice and gerbils, may hear the device. There isn't much research on the effect of these devices on cats and dogs, but scientists think they can hear it, although they may not be bothered by it.
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