Nancy Jones
by on October 5, 2020

With Velop AX coming with Wi-Fi 6 protocol, it has to outshine the original Velop routers. Where the original Velop routers couldn’t even cover 3,000 square feet of area, 2 Velop AX on the other hand has covered the same area with ease. Surprisingly, there was not even a single dropped zone, but full signal strength throughout. There is no doubt that those who opt for the Velop AX mesh router will receive much better coverage. It is not just the coverage, but the speeds and reliability were also impressive on this new router.

Where original Velop routers randomly lose signal strength, causing a sudden slowdown in the bandwidth, Velop AX doesn’t have any such issue. Another great feature of Velop AX is that no matter how many devices you hook up with it, the internet speed doesn’t drop, the mesh network never blinked and everything was smooth throughout the streaming.

In simple words, Velop AX is the most suitable option for situations where there are more than 50 devices to connect to a single network. This device can take up the challenge and meet the user’s requirements in the most efficient manner. If you are looking for a router for your company, which is a small to mid-sized company, then Velop AX is the right product for you.

Velop AX is the new product in the fleet of Linksys Velop routers, and this router is far and away from the original Velop routers, find out why.
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