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by on October 5, 2020
05 Oct 2020, USA

ACAP is a leading software development company, which has achieved a landmark of 94% Client Satisfaction and handled more than 100 Projects Annually. As the information available at the official website of ACAP, the company is able to provide a highly reliable and competent WordPress development company. The company also has been recognized to deliver award-winning, high-impact, high-performing custom software. The company is expertly established to actuate all the right moves, to maximize the business value of development and move clients’ customers and their business forward.

“We have been able to achieve 94% Client Satisfaction and deliver 100+ Projects successfully on an annual basis due to our 20+ Years of Enterprise Software Development Experience. Our developers and other team members are highly competent who hold expertise in their field and are committed to ensuring 24/7 Uptime Monitoring and Production Support” said one of the sales managers of ACAP.

Moreover, the company also manages to maintain dedicated application management and infrastructure teams who provide assistance 24/7 uptime monitoring, 24/7 support, cloud hosting, dedicated, virtual dedicated server hosting, and mission-critical application management. Due to the robust team members and high-tech technologies, ACAP has been able to satisfy 94% of clients.

According to one of the representatives of ACAP said on the promise being anonymous, ACAP stands apart by providing expertise, exceptional results, and a replacement cost structure of up to 60% savings over in-house development.

As a leading WordPress development company, ACAP delivers complete WordPress development solutions such as custom WordPress theme development, WordPress speed optimization, plugin customization, integration with 3rd party modules and application like the Facebook app. The company also helps customize website design, plugins, migration, updates, staging, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

You may hire us for all services. Our developers have years of experience in providing technical support services and maintain your website match with the pace of the updates. With years of experience and powerful technologies, the team at ACAP is able to do customization as per client requirements.

Further, this renowned WordPress development company is engaged in providing deep architectural and implementation knowledge in WordPress Portal design, development, information architecture, and support. They provide assistance to clients with:

● Program inception

● Program management

● Organizational change management

● Change control

● Iteration planning/management

● Process and requirements definition

● Implementation, systems integration

● Test automation and execution

● Data migration, reporting/analytics, and deployment

ACAP also satisfied its clients by offering a wide array of WordPress Plugins to be used for expediting implementation and reducing costs.
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