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by on October 8, 2020
Google smartphones are widely used among professionals. Their built and design is quite different from the other brands and looks more professional. Each of their subsequent smartphones tries to outdo the previous ones in terms of features and design. The latest Google Pixel 5 has tried to do the same, but some contradictions are going on. Users are claiming that the previously launched Google Pixel 4 is far more compelling than the latest version. Google launched Pixel 5 in the year 2020. Pixel 5 has many of the latest software that negates many hardware limitations observed in the earlier version. But it also removed certain useful features that are present in Pixel 4. Usually, Pixel smartphones are quite reasonable in price. Google has also released some budget smartphones for a wide range of user base. But Pixel 5 neither has unique features, nor was its price reduced. This could be the reason why people think Pixel 4 as a feasible option.  The largest-selling point of Pixel 4 was the Motion sensor, which is absent in Pixel 5. Maybe it was required to make space for the hole-punch display. But Pixel 5 has a rear fingerprint scanner, which is quite an advantage. There are certain similarities and differences in the specification of both phones. Specifications Google Pixel 5 Google Pixel 4 Display 6-inch 5.7-inch Resolution 2340×1080 2280×1080 Refresh rate 90 Hz 90Hz Camera lens Ultra-wide lens Telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom Battery 4080 mAh 2800 mAh RAM 8GB 6GB Storage 128GB 64GB Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Snapdragon 855 You will notice that the latest Pixel 5 has the processor Snapdragon 765G which is quite an old processor compared to the Snapdragon 855 of Pixel 4. Google didn’t follow the conventional method of embedding the stronger processor in the latest model. The lower chip does not give the speed that is required to perform multi-tasks. But other than that, Pixel 5 has the entire upgraded feature, including battery, RAM, storage, display, etc. The most remarkable feature of Pixel 5 is that it is the only Google phone that comes with 5G support, which is the future of smartphones. Related: Google Pixel 4A: A Pixel for The Masses The slow processor is a down point in Pixel 5 still if you want to enhance your Android experience, the software system is undoubtedly the best in Google, but it still has a long way to go as far as the hardware is concerned. Google is a visionary company that strives hard to achieve perfection in all its devices. Pixel smartphones are a commendable move from their side. It allows Google to stay in the competition with all the latest smartphones. The only thing they can do in the future is to reduce their price by replacing costly hardware. Source: Google Pixel 5 Vs. Google Pixel 4
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