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Infrastructure fund investments give one the opportunity to have substantial and profitable investments in public assets like airports, oil and gas, waste management, shipping, railroads, construction, ports, communication towers, utilities and even trucking. There are several funds out there but the following are the top 5 to invest in:

Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Port
This is a mutual funding investment opportunity that has up to 9.56 % returns in a year and currently has assets worth over three billion dollars. The fund’s investments are in securities such as toll roads, railroads, communication towers, gas pipelines, ports, and airports. Up to 80% of this fund’s assets are invested in these aforementioned companies as well as other equity securities.

Nuveen Global Infrastructure Fund
This is the second leading fund with returns of up to 15.48% in a year and a total asset of about four hundred and twenty-seven million dollars. This investment fund is geared towards the growth of the starting capital and the returns on the long term. The investments include securities issued by companies in the United States, non-United states companies and even diversified investments in different parts of the world.

Morgan Stanley Inst Glbl Infras Port
Unlike other investment funds that invest specific portions of their assets, this particular one may invest up to 100% of its assets. With returns of 21.02% in one year and an asset of about three hundred and thirty seven million dollars ($337.54M), the fund is doing quite well. It aims to give investors an increase in their starting capital as well as offer a growth in the returns. This is achieved by investing in equities all around the world without diversifying.

Russell Global Infrastructure Fund
This investment fund has 14.35% in returns within a year and currently has an asset of over one billion dollars ($1.04B). Long term investors are well positioned to receive increase on their capital and the returns as well. The fund invests at least 80% of its assets in transportation, energy, communication and other essential utilities and equity securities. The fund focuses more on energy-related industries and companies all around the world.

Deutsche Global Infrastructure Fund
The fifth infrastructure investment fundon our list has yearly returns of up to 12.90%, and total assets that amount to over three billion dollars ($3.73B). The fund invests in companies from all around the country and even non-United States companies. It is non-diversified and invests at least 80% of its net assets. Investors are assured of a growth in both the capital and the return on investments.

Generally, any company is considered to be infrastructure-related if it has at least 50% of its assets as infrastructure and at least 50% of its net profits accrue from transactions, investments or the utilization of assets in the infrastructure industry. However, the choice of an investment fund is best done under the guidance of a professional so as to make the best decisions.
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