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by on October 9, 2020

Multi Step Income Statement example

Many business owners use different types of financial statements to measure the performance of their company. Among them, the multi step income statement is one of the significant financial statements that’s widely used by most accountants and business owners.

It provides the business owners with an overview of the gross income and expenses of a specific time. A single step income statement is sufficient for smaller companies, but honestly, that’s not perfect for the larger companies.

What is a Multi Step Income Statement?

A multi-step income statement is a method utilized by accounting professionals to gather insights into a business’s financial performance or investments. Well, it has a lot of similarity with a single-step income statement, but it can solve more complex approaches and deliver detailed analysis by assuming several subtractions to obtain net income.

In simple words, it’s an income statement that gives the net income by subtracting all the expenses from the gross income.

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The multi-step income statement differentiates every revenue and expense into two categories; these are operating and non-operating. The multi-step income statement includes gross income, expenses, profits, cost of goods sold, and losses. It provides the final result through the calculation of all these elements.

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