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by on October 15, 2020
15 Oct 2020, USA

ACAP Applied Intelligence is a top-rated enterprise software development company which is slowly making strides in the provision of software consultant services. With over 15 years- experience in the software development industry, ACAP Applied Intelligence already boasts of catering for the software needs of other industry leaders in various sectors. Their client pool consists of giants like Ernst and Young, Virgin Mobile and Textron, among several others. In the provision of its services, ACAP Applied Intelligence has managed to achieve a 94 percent client satisfaction milestone; unmatched by other players in the software development industry.

The extensive experience of their experts can be attributed to this milestone achievement. ACAP Applied Intelligence provides in-depth architectural and implementation knowledge in full-spectrum business software solutions. These include ERP Systems, CRM Systems, CMS Systems, DMS Systems, Application Integration, Enterprise Software Architecture, Business Intelligence\Reporting Solutions, Web Portals, Line of Business Solutions as well as Mobile Applications.

ACAP intelligence also assists clients with program inception, program management, organisational change management, change control, iteration planning/management, process and requirements definition. Along with implementation, systems integration, test automation and execution, data migration, reporting/analytics and deployment. The high-impact and high-performing software produced by ACAP Applied Intelligence had won several awards since 2004 when the company came into existence.

Client-serving values are at the core of ACAP Applied Intelligence. Companies which partner with ACAP, maintain focus on their core business, knowing that the technical side is well taken care of. This allows them to grow their businesses with only success to worry about. ACAP Applied Intelligence’s software solutions provide agility, scalability, and critical performance as well as improved cost structures. This comes at a time when technological viability and business success require solutions that are adept in the face of change. ACAP Applied Intelligence designs their solutions with forward-thinking, anticipating future business environments with clients’ optimal return on their software assets in mind.

With a staff of over 90 people, ACAP Applied Intelligence has enough human resources to ensure that the software needs of its clients are well taken care of. The software development company is working on over a hundred projects annually, delivering only the best of results. Choosing to work with ACAP Applied Intelligence is a guarantee of delivery and extensive solution warranty. ACAP’s development process provides high maturity and is based on many years of experience working in a multitude of business environments including scrum, iterative and agile process. They offer a formal, repeatable process in which agility, cohesion and quality assurance are embedded.

It has been proven over the years that architecture and design directly affect the return on software investments. ACAP prioritises simplicity, elegance and robustness in the solutions it crafts for its clients. These solutions provide the framework for ongoing success and the foundation for system quality and agility. Through interactive sessions with critical technical and business personnel, together with analysis of existing source code and lifecycle artefacts, ACAP Applied Intelligence helps clients pinpoint issues before they become costly problems that obstruct development efforts and business objectives.

In database integration as well as web and mobile software development, ACAP Applied Intelligence employs the latest, most applicable CASE tools, platforms and frameworks, enabling us to custom-fit solutions quickly and efficiently. Their developers are highly experienced in object-oriented design and programming as well as in software design patterns. They deliver complete, cohesive, easily reusable solutions utilising automated test platforms that make maintenance and regression testing as simple as possible.

ACAP’s dedicated application management and infrastructure teams provide 24/7 uptime monitoring, 24/7 support, cloud hosting, dedicated, virtual dedicated server hosting and mission-critical application management.

In the global pool of technology services companies, ACAP stands apart by providing expertise, exceptional results and a replacement cost structure of up to 60 percent savings over in-house development. By hiring them, a client can be assured of minimal business risk. More information can be found on their website.
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