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by on October 17, 2020

Ways To Beat Depression With Ayurveda

Depression remains an important health problem for older adults. This affects about 20% of adults 65 years of age and older, and frequent depression can lead to increased risk of heart disease. Depression affects up to 20,000,000 people worldwide every day; says science. It also observes that women are more vulnerable than men. Depression has numerous ways to declare its presence in human mind. Pessimism, fatigue and loss of interest in social activities are just a few to mention. Some may even show insomnia, loss of appetite, acting out behavior and poor performance in work. For certain people, winter can become the villain. For others traumatic experiences in life can be the reason. Whatever is the reason, Ayurveda has a lot to offer. Here are some ways you can alleviate depression with Ayurveda.

1.Follow a balanced diet

Know that your choice of food items impacts your mental well-being. Follow a healthy diet and you will ensure your mental well-being. Minimize processed food, refined sugar and soft drinks.

2.Use saffron

Saffron, according to experts, offers the safest form of treatment for depression. There are no scientific proofs to establish this claim. Still, saffron is definitely worth experimenting.

3.Include fish oil in your diet

Omega fatty acids are must for the health of your brain; researchers say. A recent study published in the CNS Neuroscience Therapeutics too attests to this observation. It shows that fish oil is great to treat depression in children.


4.Sleep well

The quality of your sleep too play a vital role in your mental health. Make sure that you are sleeping at least seven hours a day. This helps your brain get refreshed the next morning. Avoid napping during the day. This way, you will reserve all your sleep for the night. And when on bed, your tired body will fall asleep naturally. Waking up along with the nature too will work wonders for your mind. The silence at the time helps you prepare for the day ahead.

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