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by on October 20, 2020

A foot massage at the end of the day is something everyone enjoys. It relaxes their muscles and we feel refreshed. However, the information that the process offers innumerable health benefits may appear surprising. Even then, it is the truth. Regular foot massage does the following things for you.

1.It refreshes you and relieves you from stress

Massage your feet regularly at the end of the day without fail. And your body will thank you for the effort with freedom from stress. A study published in 2013 attests to this fact. It was a research done among those who took care of dementia patients. They reported that it improved mood and reduced stress. An earlier study done among seriously ill patients too revealed the same. The process also gives comfort to those grieving the loss of their dear ones; research shows.

2.It prevents injuries and helps you recover fast

Foot massage relaxes your muscles. It also eases joint pain.  If injured, massaging your feet boosts recovery. The therapy is a best form of protection against muscle injuries in future.

3.Foot massage regulates blood pressure

There exists no permanent cure either for hypertension or hypo tension. Still, there are reliable evidences suggesting the power of massage therapy. Do it regularly. You will notice that your blood pressure is always in control.

4.It offers relief from migraine

People generally adopt painkillers when suffering from migraine or other headaches. However, experts always advise against it. Medicines come with side effects. In fact, all you need to do is to massage your feet for a few minutes. It reduces the level of cortisol; the stress hormone. It calms your mind and relaxes your muscles.

Headaches also can happen due to lack of sleeplessness. Attending massage sessions at regular intervals also takes care of this issue.

5.Massage improves blood circulations

A majority of us lead a sedentary life nowadays. This creates a situation where most of our muscles remain unused. When combined with tight shoes, our feet seldom get the exercise they need. This obstructs blood circulation and causes other issues. Massage them at the end of the day. And you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

As people always say, expertise and experience matter a lot. Regular visits to an ayurveda and yoga retreat is highly recommended for those wanting to benefit from it as a therapy.

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