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by on October 30, 2020
Moving to any new country may be a big decision, come with a complete change of lifestyle. Why not choose Oman? Search for latest Jobs in oman as per your skills & industry with kalinga Global service.
5 Reasons Oman Can Be Your Next Destination:
Oman In Brief:
Population: 48.3 lakhs
Capital City: Muscat
Borders: U.A.E, Saudi Arabia & Yemen
Currency: Omani Rial (OMR)
1 OMR = 1.99335 GBP
1 OMR = 2.5978 USD
1 OMR = 9.54 AED
Some Benefits Of Living And Dealing In Oman:
1. Landscape
Firstly, Oman could be a beautiful country. It's over 2,000 km of coastline with some spectacular beaches. it's arguably the foremost diverse landscape of all of the countries within the geographical region that Maxim regularly recruits in. it's large deserts, stunning coastlines, mountains, and enormous forested areas which could be a largely unique feature within the region. Many have described Oman because the perfect geographic area location for the more adventurous amongst you, with lots to explore and a few fantastic sceneries moreover as a perfect spot for water sports like sailing and diving.
2. Tax-Free Earnings
Like the remainder of the center Eastern states, Oman also doesn't tax you on your income.
3. Cost Of Living
This obviously depends on your individual lifestyle, however, the price of living in Oman is seen to be cheaper than the likes of Dubai and Qatar where specifically property prices have rocketed over recent years. Considerably cheaper in some instances.
Not only is that the cost of living generally cheaper in Oman, but there's arguably less temptation to spend your money compared to the likes of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar where there are larger shopping centers, expensive bars, and restaurants to tempt your earnings away.
4. Exciting Construction & Infrastructure Projects
Oman continues to speculate heavily on its infrastructure. The country is extremely wealthy via its boring and has ambitious plans to boost the country's infrastructure. particularly, Muscat International Airport is undergoing a 3 phase development to require its capacity up from the prevailing 12m passengers to 48m when completed. Phase 1 is because to be completed next year but has experienced large delays.
5. Visa Requirements
The one constraint on working in Oman that I've encountered over the last 6 - 12 months is that the Govt is extremely strict on issuing Visas. You should not be worried about an excessive amount of visa fees, if you hold a degree qualification or equivalence. However, for candidates not holding a degree qualification, you'll find it very difficult to find jobs in Oman.
Kalinga Global offers you a variety of jobs in OMAN in various countries and limitless industries We have recruited Professionals, Managers, Engineers, Supervisory staff and highly skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel. Get placed in OMAN. Submit your resume at to know more.
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