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by on October 31, 2020

Five Simple Steps of Starting a Drop shipping Business

If you search google any nomadic jobs or ways to earn money on the internet, you’re guaranteed to discover a bunch of results, suggesting to start a dropshipping company. But what exactly is this business? How does it work, and above all, how to start a Drop shipping business?

Wow, you might be puzzled many questions, don’t worry; you’ll get all your answers here. Before we dive into deep, I want to share a story of mine.

A few years back, I used to work as a virtual assistant for a successful entrepreneur who wished to start a drop shipping business. I wasn’t surprised because he always had wild thoughts on how to increase the revenue sources and grow his little kingdom wider. However, he said excitedly:

What next! We launched our very own e-commerce store four weeks later. It was a completely newer experience for both of us, but we managed to get through. Ten weeks later, our first financial report said we have earned around 1600 dollars. Now with his drop shipping business, my former client earns over 95,000 USD per month.e

So, what do you think? Is he successful or not? What would you call him? I’ll definitely call him successful.

Anyway, let’s see what a drop shipping business actually is?

What is Drop shipping Business?

A drop shipping business is actually a sales model that does not carry stock or even ship products on their own but accepts orders via other websites and sales channels. By drop shipping, salesmen use suppliers, who supply the products directly to customers on their behalf. Therefore, drop shippers have no expense for equipment, storage, or warehouse, and even the staffing costs at the beginning or to continue the business in the future.

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