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Are you facing problems with your Verizon email account? You’ve tried almost all the things and wondering why you aren’t able to send or receive emails in your Verizon account? Well! Don’t worry! As you will see that how you can fix problems while sending or receiving an email with Verizon account.

1. Email Settings: Verizon has updated their email settings recently to enhance the security. Make sure that you are using the updated email settings with your email client like outlook, thunderbird or Apple email. Go the settings of the Verizon account and verify the email settings as follow:

(a) Make sure the incoming server (POP3) is set as
(b) Incoming server port should be 995
(c) Outgoing mail server (SMTP) should be configured as
(d) Outgoing server port should be as 465
(e) Enable the SSL encryption for both incoming and outgoing mail server.

2. Verizon Trouble-Shooter: Try the Automated Verizon Trouble shooter which is available on the website. Most of the time it solves the purpose.

3. Credentials: Make sure that you are using the correct username and password. If you have recently changed your password and not able to send or receive email then delete the cookies or uninstall the client and re-install it.

4. Connection: If you have a slow connection then it might prevent you sending a new email or receiving one too. Make sure that you have a good internet connection or coverage.

If you keep the steps mentioned above in mind, your Verizon email should work perfectly fine. You may have to re-configure your email client if you continue to get the same error. It is also possible that Verizon either updating or they are down for your region. If you can’t send an email to anyone with the traditional email account like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail try sending an email to the person who is also using a Verizon email account. Some time you may get error on a specific platform so if possible try sending or receiving the email from a different device or different platform. Make sure that your account is not suspended. If you send so many emails or use your Verizon account for unsolicited email marketing, it is possible that Verizon can block or suspend your account without any prior notice. In that case, contact the Verizon Customer Service helpdesk for assistance.
Or dial toll free number Verizon toll free helpline number. or live chat.
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