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Best Bath & Body Wash For people with specific skin conditions, it is important to use a specially designed formula for their skincare needs. Most of the big brands in the personal care industry use chemicals like parabens, artificial colors, and SLS. However, if you experience dryness, flaky, and tight skin after a bath you might think about changing your chemical loaded body wash with an organic one. Prevent Skin Tightness and Dryness Immediately after a bath, the skin feels very dry. The reason behind this is that bar soaps take away all the oils from your skin. So, to maintain the lost moisture from your skin use a nourishing Natural Body Wash Tip for Using Liquid Bath Wash Correctly : 1. Wet your hands with water. 2. Put 2 drops of liquid wash on your hands. 3. Rub your hands creating a rich lather. 4. Now, take a bath sponge and lather it with soap on your hands. 5. And once the sponge is fully lathered gently rub in circular motions over your body. 6. This will remove all the dead skin and dirt particles from the body. I 7. In the end, you will be left with a smooth looking skin Which Is Better Bar Soap Or Body Wash? A lot of options are available in the market when looking for personal hygiene products. It is difficult to choose from soap or a liquid wash. But most dermatologists recommend using a liquid body wash designed for your skin type. Besides, the bar soaps make the skin extremely dry by disturbing the pH levels of the skin. However, the shower body wash is made from skin-friendly ingredients that are gentle on the skin. BAR SOAP BODY WASH After application, it dries the skin It hydrates and moisturizes the skin Strips natural oils from the skin and disturbs the pH level of the skin. Retains skin's moisture and maintains the pH level of the skin. Contain harsh chemicals that irritate the skin Contains antioxidants and nourishing minerals that keep the skin soft The soap keeps on melting when in contact with water. It wastes the product. No wastage as the minimum amount is pumped Experience The “Serenity” Of Nature A US-based known organic brand online shopping in Pakistan is all set to take over the skincare industry by storm. Their skincare products are made of natural ingredients collected from plants. As compared to other well-known skincare brands that contain SLS and silicones. Their Natural Body wash is free from preservatives and chemicals. Soothing Magical Fragrance Available in Variants You can now enjoy peace of mind with nature's gift of amazing “fragrances”. A rich blend of essential oils combined with variants of lavender rose, coconut and jasmine spread a refreshing aroma. The natural ingredients in the product calm the mind and uplift your mood. Free from artificial fragrances, foam creating agents, and silicones. Pure Ingredients Straight from Nature The body wash for women is made from organic ingredients that nourish the skin and prevent skin dryness. The natural skin wash works by bringing out the feminine side of women and giving them the confidence to look and feel glamorous. Are you looking for a natural body soap? visit online shopping in Pakistan. Smell Like “Heaven” All Day Long with Natural Rose Extracts You can achieve a naturally hydrated skin with Natural Rose and Pearl body Wash. The formula is enriched with amino acid and hyaluronic acid. They have a brightening effect on the skin. Besides, it works by deeply cleansing the skin without harsh chemicals leaving the skin baby soft. The Mild fragrance of roses gives the feeling of “Eternity”. Hyaluronic acid retains the skin's moisture for beautiful looking skin. Experience an everlasting fragrance after each shower. Features ● Suitable for all skin types. ● Long-lasting fragrance ● Hydrating and moisturizing formula ● Made from natural plant-based ingredients ● Gently exfoliates the skin and prevent dryness ● Free from chemicals, artificial color, and SLS ● Effectively washes away dirt and bacteria from your skin Luxury Shower Gel Loaded with Minerals The high-end premium brand Natural Solutions offer specially designed formulas for different skin types. Besides, the extracts of organic blood orange are custom made for oily skin. A mix of natural ingredients like shea butter and argan oil keeps the body nourished. Argan oil is a natural essential oil that is rich in antioxidants having anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, there is no skin irritation after bathing from an organic body wash. ● Zero Chemicals policy: There is no chemical like SLS that is a foaming agent mostly used by well-known brands. It's made from natural and organic ingredients free from parabens and artificial colors. ● Vital Minerals like Himalayan pink salt: The key ingredient of a powerful deep cleanser for the skin is the Himalayan Pink. It is known for 84 minerals and antioxidants essential for the human body. ● Deep conditioning: nourishes the skin leaving it soft and moisturized. You can wash away dirt and bacteria from your skin easily. Feel fresh and relaxed after each bat Key Features Include: 1. Refreshing scent 2. Pure ingredients like Honey, shea butter, and argan oil 3. Deep cleans the impurities and dirt 4. Removes dead skin cells 5. Nourishes the skin after each bath 6. Intensive care for Dry-skin 7. Free from SLS, parabens, and artificial colors Stop Pollution Getting Inside Skin: Nowadays, the growing pollution in the cities is continuously damaging our skins making them appear rough and dull. To brighten the skin tone, nourish, and hydrate the skin you need the right product. Chemical soaps can make your skin extremely dry, so you need a natural solution for your skincare. Gift Your Loved Ones with Natural Baby Shampoo And Wash Baby’s skin is sensitive; therefore you need a mild gentle formula for protecting their skin. The Organic baby shampoo is a unique 3 in 1 technology. So, you don't need to buy separate shampoo for the baby. Besides, it works as conditioning shampoo and skin wash for the baby’s soft hair and skin. Further, the no-tear formula protects the sensitive eyes of infants. Most Common concerns of New Mothers The new mothers are constantly concerned about the right baby care products for their kids. They worry about the ingredients in a product and the health risks associated with them. Therefore, they choose products that are safe for their babies’ health. The natural and organic baby care products can be used by parents safely. You can also give it as a gift to your friends and family. Especially to new moms who will love it. Why use organic Baby shampoo? All commercial shampoos and soaps contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to the baby’s skin. New mothers are worried about their baby's skin. As baby skin is very delicate, unlike adults. That is why they constantly need gentle cleaning products for their kids. For this purpose, an organic shampoo plus body wash is a good choice. Moreover, if the shampoo has natural ingredients it is a plus point. Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Care Products 1. Parabens: A preservative that increases the shelf life of the product but it has the potential to cause cancer so it should be avoided. 2. Sulfates: The foam creating agents used in soaps and shampoos to clean dirt from the skin. Thus, they clean out dirt effectively but also remove excess moisture from the baby’s skin. 3. Mineral Oil: It is derived from petroleum. You wouldn't want to put anything like that on your baby’s delicate skin Ingredients to Look for in Baby Care Products 1. Natural Essential Oils: These oils are extracted from natural plants like lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, and tea tree. They contain natural scent and anti-inflammatory properties. 2. Shea butter: This ingredient is loaded with vitamins and fatty acids to keep the baby's skin nourished and well hydrated. 3. Natural ingredients: like honey, milk, fruit extracts are gentle on the baby’s skin. 4. Organic Oils: Natural oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba oils are very moisturizing. Choose Natural Body Rinse To sum up, there are tons of products available in the market for children and adults. But, we need to be more careful about our choice of products as it can affect our skin. Besides, natural and organic rinse formulas are much better than chemical-filled bottles with artificial fragrances. Thus, say no to paraben, sulfates, and artificial colors. Read Labels to Avoid Skin Damage Next time read carefully the list of ingredients before placing products in your cart at the grocery store. So, you can save time and money on high-end skin washes. In short, focus on moisturizing and nourishing compounds. As they prevent skin dryness, itchiness, and roughness. For healthy skin and flawless beauty use more natural ingredients in your skincare routine.
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