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by on November 10, 2020

Nano compression socks can greatly boost circulation, keep blood from accumulating in the legs, and aid alleviate signs of varicose veins, skin ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis.

Choose The Correct Compression Socks

Tell your doctor what amount of compression is correct for you. Compression socks are available in 4 key compression ranges. Every level shall be measured in millimeters of mmHg or mercury. Socks measured at a higher mmHg level would have a higher compression level.

Measure The Ankle

The very first test you need to consider is the circumference of your ankle. Get a tape measure and put it around the smallest section of your ankle. The measuring tape should be put just above your anklebone. Document the calculation.

Measure The Largest Part of The Calf

The second calculation you would use is the circumference of your calf. Get a tape measure and position it around the main portion of your calf. Please take care of the measurement.

Measure The Size of The Calf

The last calculation you will take is the length of your calf, from the curve in your knee to the bottom of your foot. Stay seated and put the leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Calculate the length from the bend of the knee to the surface. Document the calculation.

Measure The Largest Section of Your Thigh And The Length Of Your Leg If your doctor has recommended high compression socks for your leg, you will need to weigh the widest section of your thigh. You would also need to find the size of your leg by weighing the difference between the floor and thus the bottom of your buttocks.

Compare the dimensions to the socks manufacturers in USA scale table. When all three tests have been done, you will use them to determine which size of the compression sock is correct for you. Compare the dimensions to the scale map on the manufacturer's website or even on the compression sock box. Size up if you're in between sizes.

Business owners, contact a famous manufacturer right away and place your bulk orders for compression socks.

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