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by on November 23, 2020
23 Nov 2020 - Florda, USA

With the advanced operations and increased reliance on technology, there is a need to upgrade with better solutions! Kentico CMS is one such web content management system for creating Web 2.0 websites, online stores, intranets, and community sites.

The software uses ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server for development through its Portal Engine, via Visual Studio or Microsoft MVC. Kentico supports Microsoft Azure and here are some advantages of Kentico listed:

• Versatile and Powerful

• Stable and Secure

• Large Community Support

• Projected Lifespan

• Seamless Mobility

• Open-source CMS

• High Scalability

• Digital Experience

• Unlimited Commerce Integrations

• Customizable

Kentico is an Enterprise CMS that is a little different, and not everyone’s cup of tea. Many organizations are providing Kentico development services across the world. Thus, sometimes it gets challenging to assign projects to people sitting in different geographical location.

Recent developments in Content Management Services industry have shown a substantial rise in the number of companies investing in digital marketing. With the release of Kentico 8 and the upgraded 8.1 upgrades, more professionals are choosing this platform or switching to Kentico.

With the increased demand of Kentico, it is essential to understand the critical elements of the requirement and have the knowledge to distinguish between a professional Kentico developer and a company that provides Kentico development services:

The qualities of a Reliable Kentico Services Provider are:

Check If They Have Solid Credentials

Kentico is based on the .Net framework and is highly customizable. It has scalable benefits, and some offshore service-providers think that developers can easily handle a project even without any specialization in Kentico. This can take a toll on the partnership with clients at a later stage. Thus, you must cross-check the credibility of the company while hiring and going through their portfolio. Check and review the feedback from previous clients. Any company claiming to handle numerous projects on Kentico needs stringent cross-checking for their work.

Reliable Delivery Process

The Kentico CMS development company you select should be able to execute their delivery methodology with ease, outlining why they created the model in the first place, and how it will benefit your project. Are they able to outline the key staff roles, your role, escalation procedures, risk management, stages of delivery and process related to them, their approach to ensure the quality outcome, and warranty support?

A development company that is professional and serious about providing you quality services will confidently recite their process. They will know what they are doing and why they are the best choice to work with you.

Heavy Customization Experience

The one quality that companies and developers like about Kentico framework is the extent to which it can be customized. And, it largely depends on the efficiency and creativity of the developer to have viable solutions yielding long-lasting results. Kentico will produce unwanted outcomes if the developer isn’t well equipped to understand how to customize it to match the expectation of the client or business needs. It is a fact that if your website does not turn out to be impressive enough, the fault lies somewhere in your preference to choose the righteous person for the job. Thus, choose wisely!


Kentico is undoubtedly one of the best CMS platforms available for digital marketers nowadays. Those who wish to hire a certified professional and a qualified person for the job must know how to test the developer or the service provider. The way you choose (from every angle mentioned above) before giving a final nod, with make or break the trend for your business in the future. There are many service providers of Kentico CMS development who serve clients all across the globe. Choose the most experienced and talented team of Kentico developers while you hire one for your business!
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