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by on November 24, 2020
The hair extension industry is developing quickly. One of the main things to comprehend is which sort of hair extension will best suit each of our customers, and which ones we should choose to offer. Most customers need their hair expansions to be imperceptible, and concealing tapes or rings can be troublesome on extremely thin hair or with certain styles. Nano ring hair extensions were made to be as little as could be expected; 90% smaller than miniature rings. Indeed, they are as little as the nib of a ballpoint pen and probably not going to be seen.

Nano ring hair has a keratin tip with a minuscule metal or plastic circle, and the circle goes inside the nano ring along with a couple of strands of the customer's hair. Nano ring hair extensions can be either unlined copper which gives a compliment finish or fixed with silicone which slips less. Which one we use at Mooi Hair Extensions truly relies upon how frequently the customer wishes to wait between maintenance appointments.

The key perk of nano ring hair extensions is their size, being practically imperceptible they give customers a ton of opportunity to style their hair any way they pick and have a natural look and feel. Customers can appreciate longer, more full hair without stressing over the bonds being noticeable. So long as your customer focuses on standard upkeep their nano ring extensions can keep going for three to four months, longer than other hair extension types.

Also, nano ring hair extensions are one of the most un-harming types of hair extensions. No heat or synthetic compounds are utilized to either apply or eliminate them, so the customer's regular hair is secured. Silicone lined rings likewise forestall harm.

Wrapping up

So, there it is, all you required to think about nano ring hair extensions in a nutshell. They are a magnificent method to apply extensions that are practically imperceptible and don't harm a customer's natural hair. Yet, similarly as with any technique, they are not appropriate for everybody and need exceptionally continuous maintenance.
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