Jemima Kirke
by on November 27, 2020
Quran tuition at home in 2020

Muslims consider learning the Quran as an obligation towards life. But as per busy lives, attending Quran classes at Marissa or Quran institutions seem to be time-consuming and have to add up another slot in your busy schedule, while it gets more hectic to cope up with the routine. But you don’t have to worry now, as Quran classes can be attended online as well. Yes! You can learn Quran onlinejust like you chat with your friends and family living abroad, you can use the same applications like skype, WhatsApp, and many more as a learning medium for Quran. There are many reasons that Quran tuition at home is much better as compared to attending Marissa or Quran institutions. All you have to do is to have a medium that supports skype or any application that allows video call or voice call over an internet connection. The medium can be your tv, phone, tablet, or any source that can be connected via the internet. At Quran Schooling you would experience the best-certified teachers around the world, available for you while sitting back in your lounge or study room according to your time and learning requirements.

Dedicated Attention.

Quran tuition session is a one-to-one meeting in which tutors and students communicate with each other without any interruptions. Our managerial staff is also in the conference call, but they interrupt when there is any communication issue between the tutor and the student. In this way, the communication and understanding level gets better unlike traditional classes at madrassas where a large number of students of different ages are called together. All enrolled students have their separate assigned tutors.

Cost & Time Saving

You can learn Quran at home better than attending the Marissa or Quran institution which is far away from home and doesn’t even match your time slots. You aren’t bound to specific timing and making your schedule more hectic. While at Quran Schooling you can have the best certified Quran tutor around the world. It will save you from wasting up your time travelling ad spending money on petrol and will be charged an affordable fee amount. Depending on your requirements, we have three popular packages, one for basic learning and advance learning. Both are individual based courses. The third package is for the family where all of the family members can join together and learn together irrespective of age groups.they say “time is money “, and we save you bot of them.

Well Qualified Tutors

We at Quran Schooling, provide you with the best online Quran tutors from all around the world. You don’t have to invite or go to Marissa and learn Quran. Instead, you can look through our uploaded CVs and choose any Quran tutor you feel comfortable with. Moreover, we provide you with 3 free trial classes in which you can communicate with your tutor and be assure of your investment in us. Just in case you are not happy with the present tutor, you can have an immediate replacement according to your requirement.
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