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Team of the Week 12 is coming to the ultimate Madden 21 team. As usual, we will predict the players of Team of the Week 12 based on our own observations. This will also help you save Madden 21 Coins. The following is the main content of the forecast.

LTD-Patrick Mahomes

Feels like we talk about Mahomes every week. But he's gone and done it again. With a hugely mature performance against Tampa Bay. Mahomes had 37 completions for 462 yards, three TDs, and zero interceptions in their win. That has Mahomes at 30 TDs and only 2 INTs this season. There's potential we see him regain his MVP title, but Mahomes' name should drive huge pack buys if he is an LTD. Expect a 91-92 OVR card that is among the best QBs in the game.

POTW-Jeremy Chinn

According to the TOTW 12 preview content revealed by the official media, we can understand that Jeremy Chinn will be the Player of the Week this time. He won a 92OVR player card in the game, which also contains 92SPD, 94ACC, Basic attributes such as 92PUR and 92PRC.


This year the TOTW Heroes are used to get more historical players into the game. Last week saw Greg Jennings and Antrel Rolle come in. So who will it be this time? It's almost impossible to guess, so let's just take a wild stab at Derrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha. We can have some CBs to guard the amazing WRs added last week.

Rest of TOTW 12 predictions

Who could get the other slots in the TOTW promo? Let's take a look.

Kendall Hinton
This is a cheeky selection. Hinton had to fill in at QB for Denver despite being a WR. They had issues with COVID-19 protocol and he was the best non-QB they had available to play the position. The Saints defense is a baptism of fire and he ended with 1 completion for 13 yards and two INTs. But he doesn't even have a MUT card, and he was incredibly brave to take the spot and give it a go for the full game. We think he deserves one .

Tyreek Hill
Hill definitely had a POTW in the shootout against Tampa Bay. He had a massive 13 catches for 269 yards and three TDs, including the catch that iced the game. The only reason we don't think he will get that card is that they gave big cards to Mike Evans and Keenan Allen last week at the same position. Add to this he was part of the Blitz promo announcement, it's unlikely they give him the big cards, even though he deserves one.

Deshaun Watson
The talented young QB continues to impress and deserves a big card in MUT to go alongside his 91 OVR Autumn All-stars one. Watson threw 17 completions for a massive 318 yards and four TDs. That's nearly a TD for every four passes. He absolutely destroyed the Lions.

Latavius ​​Murray
We seem to talk about a big running back every week. It could well be Derrick Henry as he had 27 carries for 178 yards and three TDs and continues to rack up massive yards and carry the Titans to victory. But in the Saints beating a QB-less Broncos, Murray was impressive with 19 carries for 124 yards and 2 TDs. He doesn't get all the attention due to Alvin Kamara, but he had some week.

The above is a simple prediction of TOTW 12 players. After the official list of Madden 21 comes out, we will bring you a detailed analysis. Gamers, please continue to pay attention to U4GM, in order to understand the latest news and get the cheapest mut coins.
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